Saturday, December 20, 2014

its been almost a year!

assalamualaikum "hi ppl" the true is im going to write back. bcs i think this is the way where i can improve my english or even writing skills. so this blog is mine and everything is mine hahahhaha and still i dont know why i love to type haha with such a long term like hahahahhahahaha ok back to the main point 

now, i had full fill my dream to get into sbp. and yah no im samura-rian. ive never imagine hows my life gonna be there. to be honest, 2014 is a tough year. im going out from my comfort zone and face the another chapter in my life. the different book actually. so many things happen in a year i guess. i met addmath bio chemist and physics. you should realize that those subjects are very important and enjoy to learn. i put my passion on learning so insya Allah i'll be a learner for the rest of my life. while im typing this post, its raining outside there. the rain just feel me and its not raining cats and dogs for sure. 

its a place where i know the real meaning of life. alhamdulillah, i survived from those obstacles so well. yes, we should forget how much the obstacles hurt you, and keep going and trying. everything in this world is temporary. so its better for you to enjoy every seconds in your life bcs it will go away one day and stay strong in order to face those obstacles and hardship bcs it will go away either. samura taught me to be strong. a very strong person especially when youve to face the situation after get the exam's result hahhahahaahah this is year is the terrible year for my result. ive never fail before but being here make me feel the situation of a failure. 


black & white quotes/GIFS

i keep motivate myself whenever i fail especially in addmaths. i dont know how to explain how much i love addmaths bcs i do love maths actually. when you love something it doesnt mean youll get it. same goes to when you love someone it doesnt mean youll be with them for sure hahahaha l0l 

whatever is 
you have to keep trying and keep trying no matter how hard it is 
forget how much it hurts and try again 

im have a mixed feeling to face 2015. kinda excited, afraid and yah im sure that i'll get a little bit sorrow when ive to leave the school moments. its been for almost 13 years ive attend to school and of course there are too much memories created. yah, im going to face the new world again after spm. life isnt colorful without challenges. keep moving and leave the fear behind. get your own confident!