Sunday, September 17, 2017

New world

Hello! It's been a while since my last post which was on June 22. Don't have any idea how hectic my life is since July. For your information, I was working for a month and I decided to stop working there when I got my university placement's result. Frankly speaking, the result was unpredictable and I didn't expect to belong there because I feel so small and suddenly lost all the confidence that I'd. So yeah, all praises to Allah, I got an offer to continue to study in my dream law school which is University of Malaya. 

I just finished my law faculty orientation last Friday. It was lit but yall honestly I'm a bit scared to the fact that I'm going to study here for 4 years. During my first week of orientation which was called as MHS - I've been chosen to be in a nasyid group for my college. I found out the result on the second day of orientation if I'm not mistaken and had to compete with other colleges' nasyid group on Friday night -- cool man (I even missed the opportunity to meet Pak Nil because I had to go to practice)! The thing that I found a bit funny was, during our first meeting together with the seniors and fellows., when everyone was introducing themselves, they need to include their related background as well. Most of them are good singers, already went to national competition, representing their states and whatsoever but when it was my turn to introduce myself.... "I'm Nasrin, my previous institution was UiTM Dengkil and got no experience at all". but come on man, I'm a professional shower singer :P However, our sacrifices are all worth. We won the first place for nasyid competition and had to perform at DTC. New experience again! 

Now, let's move on to my law faculty orientation. Before we had to go through such a hella week, we've been segregated into few groups. Nine groups I think and there are 15 people in each group. My group name is MacMillan. 8 over 15 people in my group including myself are students from Dengkil so yeah we talked a lot about Dengkil and it showed that we can't easily move on from such a heaven institution. The faculty orientation is more to mentally torturing. We got so many rules and regulations that we need to abide because it was related to our group marks. You need to greet all the JKO (JKO is actually those seniors who are involved in handling us, freshmen), remember their names because there are so many sudden moments when they asked about the JKO's names, the Deans and so on. I was like hellllooooo I've so many other things that I need to take care of instead of remembering their names. However, this orientation week is meant to train all of us to be and grow as a professional legal practitioner. 

I don't know it's only 10PM and I'm very sleepy right so yeah let's the picture speak up :) 

Gonna update soon!