Sunday, December 18, 2016


Hello & Good Morning (it's 1:18 AM now) 

Thank God I'm done with my past years' question for tonight. Had such a good talk with my housemates. Well, talking about politics and family kinds of stuff. It's fun to listen about others experience about how their siblings are because I don't have any. I am the first and the last. I could be the poison and the cure at the same time. When they said that the oldest is better to marry the youngest and vice versa. So here, I am flexible. HAHAHA. Frankly talk, yes I am. I can adapt myself easily. Everywhere. 

Reminiscing about last year. 18 December would be the date that I won't forget. It was the day when I went to the operating room because of my meniscus tears. The operation was started after Asr time and then I had performed my Asr prayer with such a melancholy feeling. I was terrified. I was having a big anxiety. I was afraid that this Asr prayer would be the last prayer where I am able to do sujood. I would never imagine how my life is without a perfect pair of legs. 

But Alhamdulillah, I had such a great lesson. It makes me realize that even a tiny tissue in your bodies will give a significant impact to your system. I've learned that you can't always be the winner. Sometimes, you need to be willing to fail and plunged into misery because with that kind of situations, you will able to understand others in a better way. Also, it makes me become more appreciative about health, about how great sujood is and how big your parents love towards you even if you are in that situation. But, the biggest lesson that I got that Allah is able to do everything, yes everything including things that beyond your imaginations. 

Till now I still could feel the pain but it's okay. Time heals everything I guess. If you can't run, then walk because you still have a pair of legs compared to those who don't have it. Be grateful for everything that you have. Allah loves you & Allah's blessing is countless. 

Maybe this will be my last post since life is getting busier and more cases to digest and assignments to come. May Allah ease everything for us. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hello (this will be my shortest post) Right now I'm studying the contract slides for LAW087 subject that I will have it by tomorrow morning. This subject is scaring me. You need to understand and memorize a lot of facts and cases but in sha Allah with the passion and hard work, everything is possible. I just received messages from my classmate that on Friday's evening, we are going to have co-curriculum activities...... I don't know how to react with that  but I'm excited for my writing club! 

Well, these two girls are my favorite person in this foundation center. They're brilliant. I've learned  lot from them. Also, we are very determined to get 4.0 in this semester. We have our own plans to strive for it like started to memorize As-Sajadah from now. May Allah ease everything and I hope that three of us will contact each other even though we might be in the different universities next year. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Silent Anger

Hello & Assalamualaikum.

It is a nice weather to hide under my fluffy quilt but I choose to become a productive person today even though I just fall asleep while searching for my assignment materials. This is why I don't really like holidays, it makes me become unproductive girl ever. Nah, that's okay. Starting from tomorrow, I believe that my schedule will give me nuts.... and make me think that 24//7 is not enough (I wish I were good at managing time) 

Last Saturday, I went to my cousin's wedding in Klang Valley. I went there on my own with the help of buses and trains. Being in KTM is more adventure than ERL. KTM was jam-packed full of people. At last, I choose to sit on the floor without thinking what people would say about me. I care about my legs more than people. I was starved and drained along my way since I only ate noodles soup during lunch (that was the biggest mistake ever) I didn't buy any food at central because I was afraid that I would miss the train. Lesson learned. Bring snacks with you. Everywhere. Especially when you are dealing with public transports.

I told my mom that I wanted to go back to college on Sunday evening after we had "fun" in IKEA. I was planning to go back on Monday actually but I need to practice my speech so yah. My cousins told me that they would send me back to college and pick me up at Mak Lamah's house. They had told me around 4:30 which was at Asr time. I was rushing to perform my prayer because I'm worried that they might come first before I'm done with my prayer. After waiting for hours, my mom started to complain why they took so long to come. When my mom called them, they said "the plan was changed. We are not going back to Melaka today but tomorrow" I was mad because I hate last minute plan without my knowledge. 

I don't like to wait and I don't feel comfortable if someone is waiting for me. I am a person who counts every minute. I don't mind if someone wanted to change their plan at the very last minute  or even coming up late but what I do really care is your reasoning. Tell me why you're going to be late and stop making lame excuses.

I am a hot-tempered person yet I keep it down inside. When I reach my highest degree of anger,, of course, I will burst but not in such way where I will throw everything like what we used to watch in drama... I cry instead. HAHAHA. Ever since I was in primary school when I had to fight with boys who keep on teasing me, at the end I would cry and at the same time I was holding chair to throw it to him but I'm matured enough now. Holding the anger and pain silently is quite frightening sometimes. I even get scared of myself. I can't stop crying easily when the anger degree is high. Even though I tried so many times to make it stop, my tears will pour down spontaneously. Sigh. Luckily, I won't take long to calm down myself, forgive and forget. 

I have a gnawing feeling about my future. How is my first date will be? I'm afraid that I can't hold my anger if my boyfriend coming late during our first date. I think I need to learn more about how to control my emotions especially during PMS and roller-coaster week because the strongest people will be those who are good in handling their anger. I wanted to a strong girl because I don't like people see me as a weak person. Who does right? 

p/s: I want to be good in both speaking and writing. thus, I hope I can improve a lot this semester. best of luck! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Note in Seremban

Helloooo and also helooo to my second semester that will begin tomorrow until April 2017. Right now i'm in the car with my father get trapped in the highway jam. Such abandon of cars since this is school holiday. 

Can't believe that I already have finished my 2 months of semester break. How fast time flies. I've mix feeling towards this second semester or maybe I can call it as my last semester in foundation study. I'm terrified & anxious. I dont know why but I think it's because of the 4 law subjects that look amazig to explore but hard to score plus the other 4 objects. So the total will be 8!!! 

My plan for this month is go to Big Bad Wolf and buy 5 books and my friends and I planning to go to Jalan Tar. I need to cut off my budget (of course this is the worst stage of Malaysia economy). Besides, I wanted to go to the Place of Justice since my schedule for this sem is really flexible especially on Wednesday and Friday! After December, all I have to do is struggling for Dean's Lists. No more shopping. No more kdramas ( I hope so & I hope that I will fight for my lust hehehe yknow I even declared kdramas as a real satan) I think I need to uninstall Instagram then. Maybe I have to keep reminding myself that this period need such a great sacrifice to unsure that I am able to continue my degree in law. 

Ah I feel like I'm lost with all witty words because I didn't maximize the brain for 2 months. Bye!!! Have a good December everyone. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Good Parents

Again today I'm pretty excited to write about a new post. Just now I watched The Great Australian Spelling Bee 2015 at 702. I don't know whether I am too emotional or I just already grown up as a woman. Yah it sounds ridiculous but it happened to me when I watched this TV series. This series is much similar like News Straits Times Spell It Right or we used called it as SIR. I had accompanied my teacher when I was in primary school to bring the other students for that competition. It was intense I swear. 

You know that kids need support in whatever they do even it seems so small to you like learning on how to eat by using spoon and fork. Being a winner is not necessary for one to collect and get a new experience in life. As what I've been observed in Malaysia is most of parents wanted their kids to meet their expectations. "you need to get straight A's", "you need to catch the gold" or whatever phrase that much similar like these. I'd prefer to say "you can do it", "do your best", "believe in yourself" instead of giving those scary words to them. Of course we need those words that probably boost our spirit to win but we need it in perfect amount. An exorbitant of it might kill someone in meeting your expectations. Imagine yourself as a parent, and remember ourselves during our childhood. When you failed something then your parents said "you should be in the first place" instead of saying "I am proud of you. You can do it better if you work a little bit harder". We wondering why our parents don't even try to comfort and understand us. Therefore, if you think your parents won't able to understand you during your time, then treat your kids the better way your parents did. 

During this TV series, the parents keep on saying that they were very proud of their children even though they were failed in the first round. And when the the words were getting harder and the kid were failed, the parent even said "that word was hard right?" while hugging them and said "It's okay, you already a winner". Perhaps, Asian parents will be more like this. Oh Plisssss I hope that I would be a good parent. 

Being a parent is a challenging task especially in this modern and competitive world. It is a must for every parent to want the best for their children. We wanted they to excel in their academic, get the first place in sports or in other words we want them to be the best in whatever they do regardless in academic, sports, manners and Islamic things. But we need remember that an artist might don't really need Additional Mathematics and a businessman don't really need language to survive. We all need basic academic in our life but to extend it, only those who able will survive and excel. 

I do agree with the other country educational system where the kids will have an opportunity to explore everything they wanted to until certain grades and then they will be given options to choose their interest whether it is maths, science, literature or arts. One can do well in the field that they'd love to and expert in it. It is necessary to have a passion in whatever you do because that passion will lead you no matter how many failures that you will face. However, we need skills and abilities to do that. Frankly talk that I am a person who have passion in science and discovering everything about the aerospace but I am not good in Physics and Maths. Maybe one day there will be an act like Aerospace Act 2020? HAHAHAHA. or is it exists already? 

I still remember the day when I took train to go to Kuala Lumpur to watch orchestra, when I were busy looking for the sit, there was one woman asking her son to move and sat beside her to give my friend and I sits. Her son's expression was similar to when your mom ask you to wake up early in the morning. I smiled and said thank you. Moreover, when we arrived KL Sentral and wanted to get off from the train, that woman told her son again to let us get out first and said to her son "ladies first". I considered all of these as a good manner that you should teach your kids. Especially to boys, we need to teach them how to be respect a girl and vice versa. 

I just love how some western people teach their children because they will let their children to explore and do something that will bring benefits. No, I am not saying Asian people teach their kids in a bad way but I think that Asian parents need to be more flexible. We need to mix and match everything in order to build and create a brilliant generation. Besides, Vivy Yusof is an asian and I love the way she teaches her kids. That is why I said that we to mix and match. 

Personality Test

Hi and Assalamualaikum! 

This is my second week of semester break and it is not that productive. fyi, I've MUET Speaking Test tomorrow and I haven't start to study yet. Right now I'm busy reading the book that Qistina gave me which is "the year I met you". It such an incredible book though! I started to love this book when it described about silent people. Silent people generally hold a magic and knowledge that less contained people lack; that their not saying something means more important thoughts are going on inside their heads. Accurate! 

Just now I've made a personality test because I'm a little bit ambiguous about my personality HAHAHA but now I can decide between introvert and extrovert, I am an ambivert. Ambivert is for those who are mix between introvert and extovert. In other words, they have both sides. However, the personality test that I've made didn't show the results which type I am between those three. But, it stated that I have ESFJ personality. Weird isn't? Basically, having this ESFJ personality means that I am an observant, I care a lot about feelings and sensitive, I tend to judge people (true weh! hahaha) 

I just can't believe they said that people with this personality are the cheerleaders but yah it is true. I think it is because I am the only daughter in family and I have no siblings to rely on, I've spent much time with my friends that's why I do care a lot of my social life and I don't find it difficult to create a new friend and adapt to the new environment. When people said that the only child in the family is clingy and non-independent omg that's burning my heart. In my sight, the only child is the most independent people because they need to stand alone for the rest of their life but it depends on how their parents educate them too. 

Besides, based on this personality it shows that I am a well-organized person and enjoys having responsibilities. It a little bit funny but somehow living in university already give me sight that responsibilities could kill me. I am person who cannot stand with narrow-minded person but still able to handle it. I need to make sure that everything is going smoothly and I reallyyyyy hate conflicts and debate matters. Is it a concrete reason for me not to be a lawyer? I don't know but I rather have a public speaking than debating because I am type of person that hate arguments. 

Talking about lawyers..... I still confused what I wanted to be. is it a lawyer or a judge or maybe a journalist? It's okay by or by crook I need a law degree. 

Friday, October 14, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Hi! Gosh, its already around two months since my last updated about Ambang Merdeka. Right now I'm still thinking about my post title. 

Semester 1 break just begun. I've finished my last paper on Monday which was on 10 October. I don't know why but I feel soooo lazy to everything after I've finished my exam. I feel like I'm taking such revenge because I worked hard since raya haji break hahaha. Controlling my lust for not fall over the kdramas, I even uninstalled Instagram and Twitter during study week because I know that was a real satan. Unfortunately, I opened Twitter trough browser but I still satisfied with myself. According to my calculation, I did study well and have a productive study week even though I've heard there were so many people woke up early in the morning and got a place in reading room and only leaved that room for eat and pray. That's so amazing! Me myself I cannot stand studying in a situation where there are a lot of people. I rather studying in my room which is more convenient but I have to ensure that I'm not going to find my bed whenever I feel sleepy. 

I have severe dark circles because I slept at 4 for two days. Told ya, kdrama is socking me badly. One thing that I got from watching Uncontrollably Fond is, 
sometimes, people tend to reject because they cannot afford it 
Another analogy that I can give is when you go to a bookstore for book shopping and suddenly there is one book that caught your heart because you already fall in love with it when you read from the first page or maybe to make it such a fast move, you fall for that book when you read the back cover. But yes, it is undeniable when good English book is expensive except during sales. Thus, you reject to buy it. It is not because you don't like it, or you not love it, it's all about yourself. You cannot afford it. But someday, when you have money you probably come to the book store and looking for that book again because you still in love with it. 

I think this analogy can be applicable in relationship (hahahaha why i talk about love lel) 

Someone told me that, a good man is not going to approach a woman until he thinks that he will afford to have that woman. You know that it is hard to make a living in this 21st Century, we need money we need property to create a comfortable living (Maqasid Syariah Daruriyyah)(HAHAHAHA IM PRETTY MAD BECAUSE THAT TOPIC WAS NOT CAME OUT DURING EXAM IN SUBJECTIVE PART). I'm not a materialistic but even kids know how hard life is when you don't have money.  A serious guy will work hard to make means for living. So we girls, do not fall in love easily especially during our foundation time. It just the beginning of our adult stage No, I'm not going to prohibit or critic anyone who is in a relationship but if your partner is not mature enough especially the clingy one, you better break up but if they are the one who always support you no matter how small you look at yourself at certain stages, you need people like them. We need a partner like that. Know that love is power. You will do everything for the one that you love. 

Phewww feel matured enough for having this post 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ambang Merdeka 2016

Hey & Assalamualaikum! fyi, this is the best merdeka celebration ever in my life. I dont know why but i can't remember well what happened in SAMURA during merdeka celebration for 2 last years (buffering).

Before this Qis persuaded me to join her to go to Dataran Merdeka today since some of our classmates are totally in the cloud 9 when we were planning to go there but unfortunately I'm broke and got only less than rm50 to survive til today so I can't join anyone to go out for enjoying the air of freedom outside there. Plus, im going to KL this Saturday to watch orchestra with my maju girls, zaimah and tinsu. THATS THE MAIN REASON WHY I CANT HAHAHAH.

Last night, we had ambang merdeka celebration in dengkil. I felt like we were having a clubbing environment because of the lighting and sound effects (clubbing in a skema way). There were a lot of great performances from the dengkil artists that really made my night. Ive being totally amused from Tualang 1 performance. I think the attention centre was the chubby guy who was able to do split!!!! Hellooo guys, me myself cant even do that! (ive lost my flexibility) 

Again, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysian! Appreciate the freedom that we had achieved from the hard-work and by our brilliant warriors before its too late. Appreciating freedom is not all about singing the merdeka songs and waving your flags, going to Dataran Merdeka whatsoever. It is all started within yourself. Appreciating the freedom actually is by using the right way to express your opinions and thoughts, respecting our leaders and have tolerance with one another. 

That's not impossible for us to become disunited if we keep on pointing our fingers to others. Correct yourself first and think before you act. We are living in society and society nowadays its kind of weird and that's why you need to think critically because not everyone has the same thought as you and we cant make everyone agree with our opinions on certain things.  

I wanted to include some pictures but the Internet is sooooooo slow. Bye! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Be grateful for having hairs while
some people struggling so hard
to make it grows

Be grateful for having a pair of eyes while
some people ain't able to see
how beautiful this Earth is

Be grateful for having a nose while
some people spending their money
to make it perfect in size

Be grateful for having tooth when
some people need polident to make it easier for them
to eat whatever they want

Be grateful for having a pair of hands while
some people doing chores
using their legs

Be grateful for having a pair of legs while
some people don't have it since
they were born

Be grateful
No matter what your condition is because
He loves you
He is The One who created you in that way
You're liable to explore how beautiful you are

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Hope means
Musa conquering a sea
in which all could drown

Hope means
Yusuf being thankful
even in a prison cell

Hope means
yunus glorifying Allah
even trapped inside a fish

Hope means
Bilal repeating shahada
while being crushed

Hope means
Muhammad walking
being pelted with stones

Hope means
not seeing salvation
but knowing Allah does

And lastly,

Hope means
even when your sins reach the sky
Allah is The Most Forgiving

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hectic Week

Hi and Assalamualaikum.

Im just taking a break from doing my LAW038 homework. I have a group presentation tomorrow but I dont have any idea how my group slides look like because im the who incharge in doing the report of the project. Its ok. everything can be settled. Chill. Currently im trying so hard to learn how to be relax and chillll while handling tasks. Btw, I just finished my papers for law016 and elc080 which is listening test. Frankly talk, law016 is kind of a history subject where you have to memorize all the acts, facts and the chronologies of incidents that happen during our past times.

I totally frustrated with myself because of the misspelling that ive done during listening test hahaha im had such a bad time after the listening test. Im pretty worried how im going to survive thru this semester. But I believe that i can handle this. Patience and Persistence is the key. Yes. I shouldnt give up just because things are getting harder and helloooooo arghhh this only the first semester!!! if I couldn't handle having pressure throughout this foundation year.... how im going to face my fisrt year of degree. Keep yourself focus!

Before the tests which was around 1230, i whatsapped my mom and told her that im afraid. lately, ive an anxiety attack on Wednesday. Masha Allah. I feel like i suffered such a worst disease. I never feel like this before not even during my spm time. WHAT UNI'S LIFE DID TO ME!!!! My hands keep on sweating and thats annoying seriously. since last week which i was sitting for law012 paper, i felt nervous started from morning. even i told myself to relax, it didnt work. I even shivering from morning till the moment i answered my test!!!  Ok done. If this kind of conditions keep on attacking me, i need to go and see the doctor. I pity myself actually. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Change things that you regret

Hi and Assalamualaikum

Have you ever feel regret after did something? Of course, everyone had experience it or maybe you are experiencing it right now. 

I regretted for spending about RM30 for notebooks that I've bought in Typo. Hm, I should avoid myself from going there when there is no necessary thing to buy. Me myself is the one who can't stand seeing cute, lovely, unique notebooks. I just can't. Even though I know that I've so many empty notebooks in house. I just love it. But now I am ok with that now because I am going to give on of that books for my bff since tomorrow is her birthday. I've put some motivational quote (boleh lah). Thanks Allah for blessed me with that kind of handwriting (hehe). 

That's is the first thing. Next, I always regret when I sleep back after perform my Subuh prayer. I feel so useless praying sunat qabliyah Subuh that known as prayer that represent all the contents of the world, but then.....hmm. I thought that I'm going to be fresh after reciting Quran but I'm not strong enough to control my nafs when I looked at my bed. The pillow seemed to be more fluffy yall.
Woke up at 9AM and regretted everything. I'm supposed to write anything in this blog after subuh but slept instead. I might have more than two hours to study law if I weren't bomb into my bed.

It's kind of rude when you sleep at the time when Allah send His Angles down to earth, to give Rizq, We keep on blaming Allah for not being fair to us but the true is we ourselves who failed in being good slaves for Him. Why we so in love with bed while Allah already said in Quran that day time isa period for us to work, to give contributions to people, to seek knowledge or whatever good deeds are but we sleep instead of being motivated to do everything at the early of the day.

I need to change myself my attitude build again my discipline to be a great person! 

Just like what my mom told me when Ive been attacked with "love-sleep-syndrome" -
Dah tua nanti nak tidur pun rasa penat   

Make full use of your youth time :-) 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Melayu Minority

Hi and Good Morning 

While im writing this post im here in reading room in ptar (tun abdul rahman library). Im here alone waiting my groupmates. Frankly talk, i just wasted my almost 2 hours for watching korean dramas and now i regret it. yah regret a lot since next paper will be LAW016. 

It supposed to be at 9 am but then they asked to postpone it at 10. Im such in rush around 10.03 because i thought i was late for 3 minutes. once im arrived here, oh again im the first people here. I just mad. Yah, i hate some people who cant think maturely about what is important and what is not important. 

We always complaining about melayu tak maju and whatsoever but we are the one who supoosed to change our attitude first. learn to be punctual or even it is not punctual, come early and learn to think about others' feeling and commitment. In order to change our community (melayu lambat), we have to force ourselves to be the one in minority. 

I just cant wait for the end of August. May Allah ease everything. yah, everything. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Equality in the society

On Tuesday, i learned about a new chapter in law012 which is law and equality. The topic that i wanted to come out is of course equality in Malaysia. Recently, there is a case that a pregnant woman who is going to deliver her baby within 4 weeks was being arrested since she was caught in stealing baby stuffs in the supermarket. The court make it less in detaining her in the jail from 14 days to 3 days. In contrary, there is a recent case where an unemployed man being arrested for stealing handphone but only being detained for 5 days! Ergh im so furious with this issue. I found it unjust for that woman, even though she commit crime because stealing the baby stuffs, but can people give it a consideration? she might dont have any money to buy preparation stuffs for her baby, maybe she is having money problem and thats why she decided to steal. can people understand the feeling of being a mother? 
Dia yang bekerja sebagai wakili jualan di sebuah pasar raya di sini, tinggal bersama suami yang bekerja sebagai buruh di Kampung Aur, Jalan Tawang, Bachok. Mereka mempunyai empat anak berusia 12, 9, 5 dan 4 tahun.
I got that from sinar online. 
Besides that, she still have to pay fine for rm3000! omg! she dont even money to buy the baby stuffs but then she still need to pay for it. the total for the stuffs only for rm165. oh come on people! wake up. i think woman organizations should play a role in handling cases like this. i think that organization need to make a survey on pregnant women so that the baby will be delivered safely. 

My lecturer also mention that, if Malaysia is practicing the theory of the distribution of wealth in a right way, we wont have a gap between rich and poor people. How can one person having a lot of houses in town that cost up to 1 million but at the same time we still have an unfortunate people who dont have enough money to eat? 

Ive done law012 paper yet we still have the second test on 22 September which after raya haji holiday. Break a leg! 

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

First of all, thanks to my roommate's friend because she got one more ticket left on that time. I totally frustrated when I didnt manage to get the ticket even tho I have been queued up since evening! Yes I just got mad on those people who dont know how painful is when someone who is coming late but managed to get ticket because she was cut off the line hm 

So, basically I enjoyed watching it even tho I sat beside those that I dont know, i am alone but its okay because im accustomed to it (big girl lol) 

Its about a love story. Zainuddin and Hayati. 

Im not going to write a lot about this but yah, the most important thing, when you love someone, dont love them too much til make you forget that Allah is The One that you should love more. Dont u ever put high trust in someone when you love them. People will disappoint you, no matter how kind they are. They will because they are human. 

You should not give someone a false hope. PLEASE do a consideration before you make a promise with someone. We never know how loyal someone is to us, Zainuddin is a loyal person. A very loyal person. He never forget Hayati as his lover no matter how far the distance between them. He made Hayati as his inspiration to be a successful person. I think that is the power of the first love (not puppy love)(hahaha) 

Besides, we should not let our ego engulfs ourselves. Zainuddin said he forgave Hayati because she choose another person (Hayati being forced actually but she said to Zainuddin that she choose that man because of property), but Zainuddin dont want to get back with Hayati after her husband dead. Zainuddin was being fooled by his ego. He said that Hayati was the one who asked him  to forget her, forget all the memories between them. Zainuddin still have a feeling to Hayati but because of ego (lelaki kan), he decided to send Hayati back to her hometown. Hayati was dead after the sink of van der wijck ship. He regretted but then he managed to overcome it by build a shelter for the unfortunate people. Zainuddin is a kind person and he is handsome hehehe


While writing this.... i suddenly remember the nasyid that i used to read in samura. im not sure whether it is zikir or nasyid but yah 

"cintakan bunga, akan layu,
cintakan manusia, akan mati,
cintakan Allah, kekal abadi,
itulah cinta, cinta yang hakiki" 

Love Allah. He will never ever disappoint you :)

Hello 2016

Im just posting latest new which i made in my new blog. After few exploration, my old blog still exist! haha 

Basically this post about the new me :) Alhamdulillah, ive been accepted to continue my study in foundation in law. it is a nice course guys! cant deny it even tho yah its hard but just because something is hard, it doesnt mean you cant enjoy learning it. 

So, here you go. I wrote this post on July 

Assalamualaikum and Hi 

Frankly speaking, I created this account "again" because I got inspired by Madam Farhah, my lecturer for LAW038. She's so amazing! May Allah bless her. She keep on reminding us that we need to acquire akhirah in ourselves, we need to contribute back to the society, we are here learning to spread the knowledge about this field to the society because we are living in the society.

She also streesed on that we should spend our time in library a lot, do make your own research and do not wait for the lecturer to conduct you to do whatever you should do. I'm here again to train myself tying in high speed. She said that we need to be accustomed with working under high pressure because yah, because being lawyer is not easy. Just like the korean drama that I've watched which was "I Hear Your Voice". being a lawyer need you to have passion in yourself, you need to have patient and passion for exact. 

I just have been here, Foundation in Law just for 2 months but I feel like there are so many new things and knowledge that I've gained here including mac, sephora and kylie (HAHAHAHA) excuse my boring characteristics. I really need to take care of my ikhtilat and heart from missing someone or liking someone or keep on thinking of someone that I shouldn't. Hey, come on! There's no more time left and it is better for me to seize whatever chance that I have here. 

May Allah help me in being istiqamah, in doing good things. I wanted to share everything including ayah that ive read in Quran, current issues and probably my legal knowledge! I will watch Tenggelamnya Kapal Ven Der Wick this night and yah am pretty excited for this. Alright, I need to start my research on Lexis Nexis for my first assignment in LAW038. May Allah ease everything!