Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Significant Lessons

Hello! Today I'm going to share all the significant lessons and advises that I've received inside and outside classrooms. I found them fruitful and I need to spread it. 

For your information, I am a logophile - a person who loves words. You probably have no idea how words could drown me deep inside and make me stronger to the point I feel like wanted to catch the stars. I guess that's the power of words and just a little reminder for you that nothing could beat how beautiful words being arranged in Quran. 

There are so many things that I found it interesting, motivational and inspiring. 

There are three bitternesses that you need to go through while seeking knowledge. But before that, you need to make it clear, why you want to seek for that knowledge? My mom always reminds me to seek knowledge for the sake of Allah, for the sake of the ummah and for the sake of yourself which is to be a knowledgeable person because a knowledgeable person will get a high rank in Allah's eyes. 

The first bitterness that you need to face is the bitterness of the knowledge. For example, I'm in law course during my foundation year. It's undeniable that law is a dry course and you have to sacrifice a lot in order to success. However, I don't think law is the only dry course in the earth. Any field would be hard. Seeking knowledge itself is hard. It depends on you. How you endure it. Law requires you to memorize a lot and memorize only is not enough. You need to increase your memorization skills so that you will be able to apply it later. I still remember what I've read in Imam Syafie's book, your knowledge of something can be measured by how much you've memorized it. If you are not able to bring it to the loo (means knowing without looking at the book), it means that you are not a master yet. Thus, whatever you learn, there's always a thorny road and you need to stay strong and be patient to possess it. 

The second bitterness is the bitterness in handling and facing the educator or the lecturers. Well, lecturers are just like us. They are human beings, they came from different backgrounds, have their own problems just like us, the students. Even our friends vary in terms of attitudes, thoughts or views, so same goes to them. I don't know why but I just don't like people who are late and I have to endure it a lot in the second semester. I'm not saying that I'm a super punctual people but seeing lecturers waiting for students is a big no no. If you can't make it at 8, at least, try to come to class before the lecturer come. We are the one who wanted to seek knowledge from them but we are late? Where's the attitude? Where's the respect for our educators? This is something that students nowadays (including my friends) are neglecting about. 

The third bitterness is the environment. An environment is what influences us a lot. Frankly, in my house everyone is watching korean dramas, five of them love to stay up all night till Subuh and sleep after Subuh prayer while me...... I'm the one who always sleeps early compared to them and yes I haven't tried the "sleep-after-subuh-prayer" routine because I don't think it is a right thing to do because I do stick to the principle where Allah created the night for sleep. But if I have something urgent or any assignment to be comleted, of course, I'll sacrifice my sleeping time but whenever I have the opportunity to sleep early, I will sleep early and rise early because that's the sunnah. Besides, what I love about my class is everyone is so smart and hardworking. We help each other a lot. We share notes, answers, and everything. The high competition in class is a good thing. Always take competition as the way to improve yourselves and not to look down at others or even yourself because all of us are in the learning phase and failure doesn't indicate that you're a failure as long as you don't give up to try. 

Learn to be a professional person. Come on, just because you are teenagers, you need to be playful all the time. Well, we need to be aware that adult stage is nearby. Gotta prepare for it. Professional here means you don't mix between work and personal matters. I think this is an important aspect since in university we have lots of group assignment and presentation. If you are not able to prioritize it wisely, you will cause trouble for others. If you think you are the only one who has personal matters, how about others? It is okay if you can't make it, but learn to be someone who always takes a quick respond on the emergency matter. If you have a meeting at 10 AM but suddenly something happens at 9:15 AM, please inform someone before 10 AM so that people will not for you or maybe they will postpone it later because making someone waiting for us for such long period is inappropriate. Time is gold and learns to respect others' time. 

Don't procrastinate. I don't know but some people found that I am an annoying person because I like to settle things ASAP. I am a perfectionist person, settling things ASAP will make me easier to detect the mistakes that I did. Why procrastinate when you can settle it faster? Why procrastinate when settling it faster will make your less burden?

That's it for today. Will update soon! 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Biggest Gratitude

From a simple hello, it ended with the hardest goodbye. It's undeniable that people come and go. Everyone that's been in your life has been there for a reason, to teach you, to love you, or to experience life with you. It's a cycle of life and some people could leave footprints in our heart. 

Since the day one, I got a strong sense that I could go along with her. I keep it down inside and observe what life stores for me. Day by day, we are getting closer to each other; sharing the same interests in food, boys (well yeah we both love boys with glasses hahaha) and of course kdrama lol. Told ya that my housemates failed my mission to stop watching kdramas once I step into university life..... All of it, ruined because they have lots of stock of korean drama (overwhelmed man how could I escape). 

The chemistry grows in the second semester. We shared lots of things, studied, do lots of things together and also being excluded from "them" - together (hahahaha). Not going to rant much but please know that I feel blessed to know a person like you. Arghhhh I hate experiencing zenosyne! 2 semesters are not enough for me to keep on being clingy to you :(  

Hi, Amal! Not sure whether you will read this or not but the day when you told me that you checked my updates, I was so happy hehe. 

Thank you. 
For always being there for me,
When no one else wanted to be.

For always standing by my side,
And correcting me when I was wrong.

For always reminding me that
The world did not hate me as much
As I thought it did and 
The only reason I was being 
Tested so much because 
I was the greatest warrior  
And you always be there to tranquil
the frantic me. 

Thank you for giving me 
Large warm hugs 
And making me laugh
On the days where I felt 
like I was dead inside 
And the days where I felt the most
Unwanted, lost, and sad. 

Thank you for making me realize 
That sometimes,
Happy places are people and
not things. 

Thank you for every