Sunday, December 18, 2016


Hello & Good Morning (it's 1:18 AM now) 

Thank God I'm done with my past years' question for tonight. Had such a good talk with my housemates. Well, talking about politics and family kinds of stuff. It's fun to listen about others experience about how their siblings are because I don't have any. I am the first and the last. I could be the poison and the cure at the same time. When they said that the oldest is better to marry the youngest and vice versa. So here, I am flexible. HAHAHA. Frankly talk, yes I am. I can adapt myself easily. Everywhere. 

Reminiscing about last year. 18 December would be the date that I won't forget. It was the day when I went to the operating room because of my meniscus tears. The operation was started after Asr time and then I had performed my Asr prayer with such a melancholy feeling. I was terrified. I was having a big anxiety. I was afraid that this Asr prayer would be the last prayer where I am able to do sujood. I would never imagine how my life is without a perfect pair of legs. 

But Alhamdulillah, I had such a great lesson. It makes me realize that even a tiny tissue in your bodies will give a significant impact to your system. I've learned that you can't always be the winner. Sometimes, you need to be willing to fail and plunged into misery because with that kind of situations, you will able to understand others in a better way. Also, it makes me become more appreciative about health, about how great sujood is and how big your parents love towards you even if you are in that situation. But, the biggest lesson that I got that Allah is able to do everything, yes everything including things that beyond your imaginations. 

Till now I still could feel the pain but it's okay. Time heals everything I guess. If you can't run, then walk because you still have a pair of legs compared to those who don't have it. Be grateful for everything that you have. Allah loves you & Allah's blessing is countless. 

Maybe this will be my last post since life is getting busier and more cases to digest and assignments to come. May Allah ease everything for us. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hello (this will be my shortest post) Right now I'm studying the contract slides for LAW087 subject that I will have it by tomorrow morning. This subject is scaring me. You need to understand and memorize a lot of facts and cases but in sha Allah with the passion and hard work, everything is possible. I just received messages from my classmate that on Friday's evening, we are going to have co-curriculum activities...... I don't know how to react with that  but I'm excited for my writing club! 

Well, these two girls are my favorite person in this foundation center. They're brilliant. I've learned  lot from them. Also, we are very determined to get 4.0 in this semester. We have our own plans to strive for it like started to memorize As-Sajadah from now. May Allah ease everything and I hope that three of us will contact each other even though we might be in the different universities next year. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Silent Anger

Hello & Assalamualaikum.

It is a nice weather to hide under my fluffy quilt but I choose to become a productive person today even though I just fall asleep while searching for my assignment materials. This is why I don't really like holidays, it makes me become unproductive girl ever. Nah, that's okay. Starting from tomorrow, I believe that my schedule will give me nuts.... and make me think that 24//7 is not enough (I wish I were good at managing time) 

Last Saturday, I went to my cousin's wedding in Klang Valley. I went there on my own with the help of buses and trains. Being in KTM is more adventure than ERL. KTM was jam-packed full of people. At last, I choose to sit on the floor without thinking what people would say about me. I care about my legs more than people. I was starved and drained along my way since I only ate noodles soup during lunch (that was the biggest mistake ever) I didn't buy any food at central because I was afraid that I would miss the train. Lesson learned. Bring snacks with you. Everywhere. Especially when you are dealing with public transports.

I told my mom that I wanted to go back to college on Sunday evening after we had "fun" in IKEA. I was planning to go back on Monday actually but I need to practice my speech so yah. My cousins told me that they would send me back to college and pick me up at Mak Lamah's house. They had told me around 4:30 which was at Asr time. I was rushing to perform my prayer because I'm worried that they might come first before I'm done with my prayer. After waiting for hours, my mom started to complain why they took so long to come. When my mom called them, they said "the plan was changed. We are not going back to Melaka today but tomorrow" I was mad because I hate last minute plan without my knowledge. 

I don't like to wait and I don't feel comfortable if someone is waiting for me. I am a person who counts every minute. I don't mind if someone wanted to change their plan at the very last minute  or even coming up late but what I do really care is your reasoning. Tell me why you're going to be late and stop making lame excuses.

I am a hot-tempered person yet I keep it down inside. When I reach my highest degree of anger,, of course, I will burst but not in such way where I will throw everything like what we used to watch in drama... I cry instead. HAHAHA. Ever since I was in primary school when I had to fight with boys who keep on teasing me, at the end I would cry and at the same time I was holding chair to throw it to him but I'm matured enough now. Holding the anger and pain silently is quite frightening sometimes. I even get scared of myself. I can't stop crying easily when the anger degree is high. Even though I tried so many times to make it stop, my tears will pour down spontaneously. Sigh. Luckily, I won't take long to calm down myself, forgive and forget. 

I have a gnawing feeling about my future. How is my first date will be? I'm afraid that I can't hold my anger if my boyfriend coming late during our first date. I think I need to learn more about how to control my emotions especially during PMS and roller-coaster week because the strongest people will be those who are good in handling their anger. I wanted to a strong girl because I don't like people see me as a weak person. Who does right? 

p/s: I want to be good in both speaking and writing. thus, I hope I can improve a lot this semester. best of luck! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Note in Seremban

Helloooo and also helooo to my second semester that will begin tomorrow until April 2017. Right now i'm in the car with my father get trapped in the highway jam. Such abandon of cars since this is school holiday. 

Can't believe that I already have finished my 2 months of semester break. How fast time flies. I've mix feeling towards this second semester or maybe I can call it as my last semester in foundation study. I'm terrified & anxious. I dont know why but I think it's because of the 4 law subjects that look amazig to explore but hard to score plus the other 4 objects. So the total will be 8!!! 

My plan for this month is go to Big Bad Wolf and buy 5 books and my friends and I planning to go to Jalan Tar. I need to cut off my budget (of course this is the worst stage of Malaysia economy). Besides, I wanted to go to the Place of Justice since my schedule for this sem is really flexible especially on Wednesday and Friday! After December, all I have to do is struggling for Dean's Lists. No more shopping. No more kdramas ( I hope so & I hope that I will fight for my lust hehehe yknow I even declared kdramas as a real satan) I think I need to uninstall Instagram then. Maybe I have to keep reminding myself that this period need such a great sacrifice to unsure that I am able to continue my degree in law. 

Ah I feel like I'm lost with all witty words because I didn't maximize the brain for 2 months. Bye!!! Have a good December everyone.