Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hello (this will be my shortest post) Right now I'm studying the contract slides for LAW087 subject that I will have it by tomorrow morning. This subject is scaring me. You need to understand and memorize a lot of facts and cases but in sha Allah with the passion and hard work, everything is possible. I just received messages from my classmate that on Friday's evening, we are going to have co-curriculum activities...... I don't know how to react with that  but I'm excited for my writing club! 

Well, these two girls are my favorite person in this foundation center. They're brilliant. I've learned  lot from them. Also, we are very determined to get 4.0 in this semester. We have our own plans to strive for it like started to memorize As-Sajadah from now. May Allah ease everything and I hope that three of us will contact each other even though we might be in the different universities next year. 

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