Sunday, December 18, 2016


Hello & Good Morning (it's 1:18 AM now) 

Thank God I'm done with my past years' question for tonight. Had such a good talk with my housemates. Well, talking about politics and family kinds of stuff. It's fun to listen about others experience about how their siblings are because I don't have any. I am the first and the last. I could be the poison and the cure at the same time. When they said that the oldest is better to marry the youngest and vice versa. So here, I am flexible. HAHAHA. Frankly talk, yes I am. I can adapt myself easily. Everywhere. 

Reminiscing about last year. 18 December would be the date that I won't forget. It was the day when I went to the operating room because of my meniscus tears. The operation was started after Asr time and then I had performed my Asr prayer with such a melancholy feeling. I was terrified. I was having a big anxiety. I was afraid that this Asr prayer would be the last prayer where I am able to do sujood. I would never imagine how my life is without a perfect pair of legs. 

But Alhamdulillah, I had such a great lesson. It makes me realize that even a tiny tissue in your bodies will give a significant impact to your system. I've learned that you can't always be the winner. Sometimes, you need to be willing to fail and plunged into misery because with that kind of situations, you will able to understand others in a better way. Also, it makes me become more appreciative about health, about how great sujood is and how big your parents love towards you even if you are in that situation. But, the biggest lesson that I got that Allah is able to do everything, yes everything including things that beyond your imaginations. 

Till now I still could feel the pain but it's okay. Time heals everything I guess. If you can't run, then walk because you still have a pair of legs compared to those who don't have it. Be grateful for everything that you have. Allah loves you & Allah's blessing is countless. 

Maybe this will be my last post since life is getting busier and more cases to digest and assignments to come. May Allah ease everything for us. 

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