Sunday, December 31, 2017


Hello. I've been such in a dilemma whether I should write or not.

Writing doesn't really take a long time but you know it just me who gonna spend many hours in editing it. (I'll make it fast for this post). I'm actually run out of time to revise my subjects but hey there's me here - wasting my time as usual. It's okay, lemme waste it for the good purpose (lol, doesn't make sense at all). Come on, man! Today is the last day of 2017 :P 

2017 is a great year. I meet a lot of new people which are blessings and lessons. Whatever it is, keep going and we need to be more positive as being someone that is positive and optimistic is always appealing (to me). It is not easy to be such a positive person. It takes a lot of aspects in your life. When someone is sad and you said "hey babe, it's okay. things will get better. don't worry too much. there's nothing that you'll gain from worrying..." simple. it seems simple until it hits you. really bad. to the point, you only could think about death. 

The main goal for my 2018 is to be brave. Again, that two words might seem nothing to people but they're significant to me. so much. I wanna do things that I always afraid to try. I wanna be someone that is better than who I am today. I probably should be more diligent and focus on achieving things that I want in life. Honestly, I wanna join mooting competition so bad but I think next year might not be the perfect time for me. I'm still developing skills that some people already have it but nevermind, slowly but surely. Another goal for my 2018 is to be less-perfectionist and try to control my overthinking. It is exhausting. I'm actually in the process to be such a "lek-lek person" but I just can't because overthinking take over everything. Just I should attach few pictures, to sum up my 2017? Hm, maybe I should. 

Moreover, I'm 20 next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man, there's no teen anymore and still, don't have a boyfriend lol - I gotta be more serious and mature in handling my life. It's okay la, I think I'm "too young" to have a serious relationship. Diri sendiri mess up ada hati nak ada boyfriend. I will post another "fruitful post" after I finish my final which is on 11th January. But wait, I might don't have time to post on that time as I will hibernate a lot. Plus, I have a mooting camp to attend on 15-17th January. Wow, I like my life. It's only January and it is packed. 

Lastly, I hope all of you will have a great year. 2018 will be a healing and triumph year. Let's strive for the best for ourselves and don't forget to be grateful to Him :)

Happy new year and all the best to everyone who sits for final examination!