Sunday, December 31, 2017


Hello. I've been such in a dilemma whether I should write or not.

Writing doesn't really take a long time but you know it just me who gonna spend many hours in editing it. (I'll make it fast for this post). I'm actually run out of time to revise my subjects but hey there's me here - wasting my time as usual. It's okay, lemme waste it for the good purpose (lol, doesn't make sense at all). Come on, man! Today is the last day of 2017 :P 

2017 is a great year. I meet a lot of new people which are blessings and lessons. Whatever it is, keep going and we need to be more positive as being someone that is positive and optimistic is always appealing (to me). It is not easy to be such a positive person. It takes a lot of aspects in your life. When someone is sad and you said "hey babe, it's okay. things will get better. don't worry too much. there's nothing that you'll gain from worrying..." simple. it seems simple until it hits you. really bad. to the point, you only could think about death. 

The main goal for my 2018 is to be brave. Again, that two words might seem nothing to people but they're significant to me. so much. I wanna do things that I always afraid to try. I wanna be someone that is better than who I am today. I probably should be more diligent and focus on achieving things that I want in life. Honestly, I wanna join mooting competition so bad but I think next year might not be the perfect time for me. I'm still developing skills that some people already have it but nevermind, slowly but surely. Another goal for my 2018 is to be less-perfectionist and try to control my overthinking. It is exhausting. I'm actually in the process to be such a "lek-lek person" but I just can't because overthinking take over everything. Just I should attach few pictures, to sum up my 2017? Hm, maybe I should. 

Moreover, I'm 20 next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man, there's no teen anymore and still, don't have a boyfriend lol - I gotta be more serious and mature in handling my life. It's okay la, I think I'm "too young" to have a serious relationship. Diri sendiri mess up ada hati nak ada boyfriend. I will post another "fruitful post" after I finish my final which is on 11th January. But wait, I might don't have time to post on that time as I will hibernate a lot. Plus, I have a mooting camp to attend on 15-17th January. Wow, I like my life. It's only January and it is packed. 

Lastly, I hope all of you will have a great year. 2018 will be a healing and triumph year. Let's strive for the best for ourselves and don't forget to be grateful to Him :)

Happy new year and all the best to everyone who sits for final examination! 

Friday, October 13, 2017


Hi! Ahhh I really miss my blog. So much. I just don't have time to sit and write or basically doing things that I love to. So yeah, this is the fifth week of law school but I already questioned myself a lot whether is this the journey that I have to encounter or in the other words do I really have to go to law school? Yea, I just hope that I will be on the right track until the end. 

Fyi, I don't participate in lots of faculty or college activities. I don't know. It's not that I don't want to join it but the fact that I'm trying to give some spaces to myself, to adapt and learn how to survive for the next 7 semesters. I think that's the best decision that I could make for myself at this moment. I know that I've to compete with other people for college placement next year but yeah slowly but surely. I'll join more in the next semester - this is the promise that I made to myself. I've my own stand. I just wanna let myself to breathe and practically enduring the first semester. 

Hey, you know what, foundation and degree life are two different worlds. But Thank God that I've got a little basis on how to cope with a hectic schedule but that's not enough. at all. The first thing that differs foundation and degree is the environment. Of course, here, I got to see many people spending their evening with jogging, kayaking, dating and there's me spending time in the library to finish up my tutorials. But not every evening lah, I've tried to enjoy myself with sweating (lol) because I found the happiness while running (because I feel like I got to escape from my responsibilities. for a while.) There's nothing could make me happier than being able to put on my sports shoes back and run for miles. Kalau dulu kat dengkil habis kelas je pergi makan. Lepas makan naik bilik, tidur. I don't really think about taking naps since the first week of classes. There are so many tutorials, readings, and discussion to do/attend. But, I don't really like to sleep during daytime cause I always considered daytime as my working hours - do as many tasks that I could and sleep early (sadly, no).

The other perspective of environment that I wanna talk about is the people. Here's the place where you'll meet a different kind of people. There are people who will try their best to be balanced in whatever they do, there are people that seem like they aren't interested in lecture but managed to do well in tutorials, people who will make you laugh, people who will annoy you, cling to you, depends on you and yes, there are also people who don't give a damn at you. Lesson: Be strong. Be confidence, never belittle yourself but don't be cocky. Try your best to always be down to the earth so people will be comfortable to stick to you. No matter how smart or cool you're, if you don't have the right attitude, people will find it upsetting to be around you. 

Anyway, I'm trying to live a life which is "less-sighing" as I do believe that if you control yourself from keeping on complaining about life, you'll have a better life. Have a concrete stand. Never get influenced from negative vibes. Just a little reminder that how I define negative vibes could be different from yours because I considered it as a subjective thing. Besides, degree life is somehow about the phase where your peers' selection plays an important role. If you chose the wrong people to stay with you for the rest of your degree life, goodbye honey. You'll ultimately stumble on the thorny path. 

Besides, the integral part in handling the university life is time management. I know some people would be like "Eleh, dah masuk uni pun nak cakap pasal benda ni ke?". Holyyy no. You'll never know how much essential time management is! So last week, I decided to spend my weekend with TED talks and one of it was "what top students do" lol so cliche. One thing that I got from that video is that whenever you arrange your schedule or your daily activities, don't forget to include things that you love to do! YES! I gotta include running and dramas then hehe but I don't know what's gotten into myself, my interest to kdramas is fading. Not sure whether I should be thankful for it or not. Moreover, spending 30 minutes on your super expensive weekend to plan out or listing all the submissions, things that you've to buy/do, is very important. for me. I've strain myself to make this as a consistent habit because I found it very helpful since I was in my foundation year. By doing that, you'll have a clear mission on what to do, what is your priorities and etc. Once you get your priorities right, you'll be able to complete all your tasks perfectly! 

Tbh, I wanted to join debate/debat thingy so bad but I know that it's so hard to be selected since I don't have the experience at all. I'm not saying this because I'm afraid to try but I already analyzed the possibilities for me to get the chance but nah it's okay. I'm actually excited to see myself in the next 4 years. I wanna be an outspoken person, really. I wanna be someone who can speak confidently, articulately in front of the people but then I realized that it's not about how outspoken you're but the important thing is when you speak, people want to listen attentively to the substances that you're talking about - that's what I aspire to be. I wanna be someone who speaks with substances bukan sembang kosong je because I discovered a lot of people who are outspoken but there's no substance in things that they said cakap je lebih tapi kerja tak buat. Well, actions speak louder than words yall. 

Last but not least, this is zaimah. a good friend of mine. she always has something to talk about especially about the manga that she read, or the movies that she watched. Yea, she's the one who walked from her college to mine just to send me the panadol and a cool fever pad when I'd fever last week *look how nice she's :'))) * 

I don't know why I included this but whatever. By that, I end my post for tonight and have a good weekend everyone! I wish you won't easily give up in pursuing your dream because there's no shortcut in life. Life is hard so you gotta hit it harder! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

New world

Hello! It's been a while since my last post which was on June 22. Don't have any idea how hectic my life is since July. For your information, I was working for a month and I decided to stop working there when I got my university placement's result. Frankly speaking, the result was unpredictable and I didn't expect to belong there because I feel so small and suddenly lost all the confidence that I'd. So yeah, all praises to Allah, I got an offer to continue to study in my dream law school which is University of Malaya. 

I just finished my law faculty orientation last Friday. It was lit but yall honestly I'm a bit scared to the fact that I'm going to study here for 4 years. During my first week of orientation which was called as MHS - I've been chosen to be in a nasyid group for my college. I found out the result on the second day of orientation if I'm not mistaken and had to compete with other colleges' nasyid group on Friday night -- cool man (I even missed the opportunity to meet Pak Nil because I had to go to practice)! The thing that I found a bit funny was, during our first meeting together with the seniors and fellows., when everyone was introducing themselves, they need to include their related background as well. Most of them are good singers, already went to national competition, representing their states and whatsoever but when it was my turn to introduce myself.... "I'm Nasrin, my previous institution was UiTM Dengkil and got no experience at all". but come on man, I'm a professional shower singer :P However, our sacrifices are all worth. We won the first place for nasyid competition and had to perform at DTC. New experience again! 

Now, let's move on to my law faculty orientation. Before we had to go through such a hella week, we've been segregated into few groups. Nine groups I think and there are 15 people in each group. My group name is MacMillan. 8 over 15 people in my group including myself are students from Dengkil so yeah we talked a lot about Dengkil and it showed that we can't easily move on from such a heaven institution. The faculty orientation is more to mentally torturing. We got so many rules and regulations that we need to abide because it was related to our group marks. You need to greet all the JKO (JKO is actually those seniors who are involved in handling us, freshmen), remember their names because there are so many sudden moments when they asked about the JKO's names, the Deans and so on. I was like hellllooooo I've so many other things that I need to take care of instead of remembering their names. However, this orientation week is meant to train all of us to be and grow as a professional legal practitioner. 

I don't know it's only 10PM and I'm very sleepy right so yeah let's the picture speak up :) 

Gonna update soon! 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Where's the moral value

Hi! Just a few days left before all the Muslims going to celebrate Eid. There are so many things that happened around the world which make me kinda confused on what is exactly on my mind, what should I write about for exact.  

There is no single legal definition of bullying but I think bullying could be considered as a repetitive behavior which is intended to hurt someone either physically or mentally. Just like what I've learned in Psychology classes before, boys tend to use direct bullying which means involving physical while girls tend to bully mentally. 

Last two weeks, many people were shocked by the tragic death of Cadet Officer, Zulfarhan Osman, I bet everyone is already familiar with his name. He had been admitted to Hospital Serdang with bruises and burns on his body. In other words, he was physically abused to death. Based on his case, I think it's time for us to change our mindset regarding bullying issues. I don't want to talk about this issue further, but there's one thing that bothers me every time I'm scrolling my Twitter, this one guy made a thread regarding the murderers. What I can conclude here, hatred won't make anything better, brother. From the perspective of mine, he is actually worsening the fabric of the society. You know what I mean, we have the law the plays the role in getting the justice for the victim and his family, let the law settle it. You don't have to waste your time, creating hatred waves to elongate the issue. It is worthless. It's not that I don't mind what's actually happened, it just... come on, the murderers gonna get the sanction la bro.

The second thing that I want to talk about is about our education system. Last week if I'm not mistaken, I saw a tweet of TN50. 
"Perlukah sistem pendidikan Malaysia memberi fokus dalam memupuk nilai posiitf terhadap belia?"
And then, one guy replied with "is our education system haven't nurtured the moral values to the youths?"

Honestly, I think something is lacking in our education system which is moral values. How students going to apply those moral values and civic consciousness when both subjects required students to merely memorize all the definitions and terms? I just wanted to make a comparison with Japan, they don't have any examination in school until they're in 4th Grade, not very sure how old the students in 4th Grade but I think it's either 9 or 10 years old. 

During the first three grades, Japan's education system emphasis more on developing responsibility in youth, ensuring the students are capable of cleaning, caring, being polite and any other moral value; which is something that Malaysia's students are lacking. The objective of education is supposed to be on how to build good manners and developing charismatic personalities. Besides, in Japan, the students are also taught to respect to other people and be kind toward animals and nature. 

If Malaysia uses Japan as their first epitome in planning the education system, bullying, and other problematic students' issues could be settled down. The moral values are degrading from our society. Where's the humanity go when you decided to burn your friend? Where's the humanity til you're able to hit someone who looks "a bit feminine",? Where all the knowledge that you've absorbed that is supposed to change the structure of your brain, change the way of your thinking style and change your personality? That referring to the reply "is our education haven't nurtured the moral values to the youths?" 

A success education system is a system that is able to build the personality of a student to be a better person. A person who knows about respect and love, who knows the limit of his or her action, who knows the consequences of his or her action. 

Good night! x 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Not everyone was raised like you

Hello! I've no glasses on my face because I'm wearing a honey mask and sadly everything isn't as clear as before. My shortsightedness level is increasing but yea I still want to type it. It is 20 Ramadhan today. Time flies! May Allah choose us to be one of those people who meet the Lailatul Qadr. Amin. 

Last Friday, I went to Shah Alam with my good friend, Qistina, to pick our official transcript for our foundation year. After that, we went to KLCC but we were a bit exasperating because we couldn't able to sit + gossip and eat together because it's Ramadhan. I mean, there are so many restaurants and good foods there. I also bought a Sherlock Holmes' book. It is a combination of The Sign of Four and A Study in Scarlet. I don't really have time to read it due to Raya's preparation but yeah I'm gonna make it during raya. 

Ok, back to the main point of this post. 

Have ever get mad because some people couldn't follow the way you live in a particular situation? Take me for an example. I've been raised by a perfectionist mother. A mother who doesn't like the messy spaces, love formality in most of the aspects of life and also freaking details, organized and neat. So, when it comes to me. There you are. My mother's trait is in me. 

In 2014, when I decided to go to boarding school. I'd so many thoughts were lingering in my brain. Since I'm the only child in the family, I'm having trouble in sharing my stuff, a bit socially awkward for such a long period and whatever it is. But, Alhamdulillah, I adopted very well with the environment and survived. 

My problem is I don't like people who aren't organized, people who are loud and I went nuts every time I saw it and it was more frustrating when I already told them to fix that situation. For many years, I've been facing these problems. 

But, at the end of my foundation year in Dengkil... I realized about one thing. Not everyone was raised like me. Not everyone was raised by a perfectionist mother. Some people might be raised with a maid at home, a soft-spoken mother who will fix every error that you make without getting mad on you, a father that doesn't mind about formality, a family that has lots of member in it and many other aspects that you actually can take it into consideration.

Thus, apply it on every issue that you need to tackle in life. 

Second Example: English proficiency. 

I was lucky enough to get into a foundation in law because this course really helps me to improve my English. I came from a family that doesn't speak English at all. My parents only know the basics vocabulary but yes Thank God that I love foreign languages ( English and Arabic) since I was a kid. I even had an obsession toward the Arabic language when I was in primary school. My love for English was continued to grow til I got into my former secondary school. I always excited for English classes but my friends were those who made me feel disheartened because they didn't want to participate in class. I always felt like I'm the only person in the class because the only person who talked to my English teacher is me and always me. My environment didn't help me to improve my proficiency. Same goes to my second high school, even tho it is a boarding school, talking in English isn't something that school emphasized on. My bad. 

Thus, when some people aren't able to speak English even the basic one, I do understand, especially my former schoolmates. The environment itself make the students become discouraged. When you wanted to talk in English, people will glare at you, giving you such a disgusting look, people will call you as someone who wanted to show off, etc. However, when you have grown up, you shouldn't use your background as an excuse for your demerit. Improve yourselves. Be brave. Never afraid to make mistakes. A mistake is what makes you grow wiser. 

Third Example: Lifestyle 

Some people have no idea how lifestyle could give such a huge impact in building your personality. Lifestyle is including your types of entertainment, your family's stand, your education background, your activities that you did during your childhood, etc. As for me, my parents didn't allow me to go to the cinema until I was 14 years old and until now whenever I go out with my friends and watch movies, I don't tell my parents hehe. Besides, I don't watch lots of English movies before because my mom doesn't allow me to do so and I'm not even questioning her about it. I've been spending my entire life in the field, tried my best to make a new record and rarely read English novels but I read lots of magazines; Ana Muslim, GenQ, Solusi and my book's genre is self-help and motivation. I wasn't exposed to a wider genre that's why I'm a bit conservative for certain aspects of my life. Also, most of my cousins are hafiz and hafizah, and yes it affected my life as well. The only first white people in my life is Justin Bieber. What could you expect from me? My mom was banning western's media in life til I was 17. Told you I got some sorts of culture shock in Dengkil. I couldn't agree more when people considered me as a boring person because I didn't watch a lot of movies. I'm sorry, but now I'm 19, a major and I'll try my best to catch up em. 

That's why, when you meet some people who're struggling in improving themselves in Deen or anything, help them, understand them, never torture them with words that could break their hearts apart and make them discouraged. Everyone is still learning. 

Lastly, you need to take time and think with a wider perspective whenever there's a new matter, affair or drama that happen in social media and news. People are diverse in many ways. People could be so judgemental when they started to assume themselves as someone who knows everything. They've been drowned with their own ego to the point they don't wanna look and hear others' opinions and ideas. You never know how amazing diversity works. 

Again, not everyone was raised like you. Learn to accept others with warmness and always be wise in handling all circumstances in life! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Interview for Law Degree Admission in University of Malaya

Hello! Before I go further in this post, I just wanna tell you that I am supposed to update about this last month or earlier of June. Nah, that's okay. I actually run out of the speedy Internet because I had finished them for the sake of The Flash on Netflix (finally, I could catch up all the episodes!).

My interview was on 30 May, Tuesday, a very early in the morning; 8:00 AM. 

Honestly, once I got the result for my interview session, I was terrified because you know, whenever people mention about UM, the reactions will be almost the same... "Omg! UM kot!" That expectation will always kill. Even though it just an interview. Arisya and I were having a panic attack all way to the interview.

I read a lot of current issues such child abuse (domestic violence), smoking, vote at 18, RUU 355 (hot issues) and the critical part is the interview week was held when the world was being overwhelmed with so many attacks including Manchester attack, Marawi and Egypt attacks. But yall, my panelists didn't even ask about all those things that I've studied! I even did notes for it. 

By the way, Taiwan court rules in favor of same-sex marriage! It is first in Asia! On the other hand, in Aceh, (the conservative state of Indonesia), two men caned for gay sex. I also studied about dramas that happened in Twitter, i.e. There was one Chinese boy who got flying colors result but didn't get any offer from IPTA on the basis of his skin color (race)- this could refer to the special position of Malays and Natives of Sabah and Sarawak based on Federal Constitution. Gah, I couldn't imagine what will happen to Malay students if the government alter the quota a bit for the non-Bumiputera. 

IV Day 

I will go straightforward to the IV session.

First of all, smile! That is the best makeup you could ever wear (especially for a girl like me who doesn't wear makeup at all hahaha). Greet the panelists and sit when they ask you to. Be polite. Chill. Chill man! Pass your file and wait for the instruction by them. Start when they tell you to do so. Don't you ever take me as an example. I guess the butterflies urged me to say "May I start?" HAHAHA. I felt so blessed because my panelists were so easy-going. 

Introduce yourself. 
The basic things that you need to tell them are your full name, your age, your latest institution (maybe you can tell them about your CGPA as well), your interest - be careful with this especially when your interests are reading and writing. Make sure you've some sort of ideas about the latest book that you read. For example, mine are reading and writing. Thus, I told them that I have a blog as a platform for me to express thoughts and improve my writing skills. Thank God that they didn't ask me about the latest book that I read because I haven't start to read my novels because I was so busy with my kdramas hehe. 

Questions asked by the panelists

1) They asked me about Dengkil. 
I told them that I had so much fun there especially when my classmates were around. 

2) Favourite subject (also favourite question) 
Mine is psychology and when they asked me why, I told them that I could detect someone who's lying through their eye contacts, hand gesture and the inconsistencies in microexpression. 

3) When you decided to enter foundation in Law, did your parents agree because you came from Science background?
Hahaha. I told them that I had an argument with them and I basically goreng everything to make my asnwers look good anc conviencing. 

4) They even asked me about my siblings.
Answer: I am the only daughter. That's why I choose UM as my first choice because I want everything the best for myself (Self-promoting was done here) 

6) They also asked whether I am interested or not with debate/mooting since there's no certificate regarding them. Hence, to make it professional, I told them that I was spending my entire life in track and field and got no time and chance to involve to talk on the stage. 

Highlight of the conversation ( I call it conversation because I had fun in that iv's room lol) 

Panelist: Ahh I see, are you a sprinter or long-distance runner?
Me: Sprinter 
Panelist: What is your record? 10s?
Me: HAHAHHAHA, it could be Usain Bolt. mine is 14s. 
Panelist: Whoa, you could beat me then, mine is 15s. 

Well, Bolt's record is 8s bro. 

5) Kenapa UM perlu pilih awak 
I'm looking for the competitive environment with multi-racial colleagues. I do believe that I could improve myself a lot in UM. I don't really remember about this and yes I had to answer this question in Malay. 

6) Apa sumbangan yang boleh diberikan kalau awak sambung belajar di UM 
This is hilarious. I forgot what is since in Malay. I couldn't process any word related to it during that time and I feel sucks. Of course. I've been mentioned about Tajwid Class and Blogger Club that I will establish if I manage to enroll in UM. 

Since I'm a person who always enjoys conversations with adults, I find it enjoyable. But yes, enjoy is not a sign that shows I already pass it. At this state, whether it is Law School or not, I will let Him decide. Who knows that Law is something that I couldn't handle in the future. We would never know what's gonna happen next. I just hope that I could get the best UPU result and able to pursue my degree in any IPTA because all those options that I've decided in UPU aren't all bad. 

Ok. Good night! 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The greatest birthday gift #part2

Mecca is totally different from Madinah. In the Mosque of Prophet (Nabawi Mosque), there are so many kids running and playing around but not many of kids playing around in Masjidil Haram. Yknow, Arabian people don't really mind to let their kids playing around that spacious mosque. I think mosque is their playground. What a cool playground though! If you're thirsty, just get the zam zam water inside the mosque and continue to play again. Masjidil Haram is the mosque that never sleeps. People keep on coming in and out from there. There is no such thing as "free space". Allah is The Most Greatest, I've been witnessing so many amazing things there. You gotta be in mosque an hour earlier to make it easy for you to get space to pray. Alhamdulillah, I got the opportunity to perform Jumaah' Prayer both in Madinah and Mecca. Basically in Madinah, we went to the mosque around 11 a.m. because the adhan is on 12:20 something. There still plenty of spaces during that time. Contrary to Mecca, we went to the mosque around 10 a.m but when we arrived, they were few gates left open for us. Alhamdulillah, but I got to pray between the saf. Imagine how occupied that mosque is. By the way, the ice cream price is 3 riyals and not 1 riyal anymore. Everything is expensive. 

Hotels around. 

Masjidil Haram :)

Zam Zam water spot! 

Uhud Hill. Well, the place where our beloved Prophet and Saidina Abu Bakar hid from people who tried to kill our Prophet.

Jabal Rahmah. Well, I prayed that I will meet the man the will accept my flaws and weakness. I also asked Him to grant me someone who can lead me to the better path. hehe. 

Mina camp. 

Saie place

Jeddah Airport. Im falling in love with the architecture. 

I bet this is your favorite picture.

Whoever reading this, may Allah invite you to become one of His Guests :) 

The greatest birthday gift #part1

Helooo! I went to perform umrah from 26/4 til 7/5 (My birthday is on May 6 so I was celebrating it there by eating lots of ice-cream hehe). Alhamdulillah. I didn't expect that Allah would answer my prayers that fast! Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah! Last year, I used a photo of Kaabah that I took from the Internet as my wallpaper but today I could choose Kaabah photos in my camera roll that was taken by my own. I couldn't ask more. I'm blessed. So now, I'm going to fill this post with pictures :) I named this post as part 1 because it will be filled with pictures that I took in Madinah. The other part is in Mecca. 



well, as you can see in the picture... I'm the youngest :-) 

Alhamdulillah for the opportunity to be able to pray in Raudhah in a calm way.

Sorry but I'm having difficulties to make all the pictures well-arranged. Poor skills. My bad. Stay tuned for the next post! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Significant Lessons

Hello! Today I'm going to share all the significant lessons and advises that I've received inside and outside classrooms. I found them fruitful and I need to spread it. 

For your information, I am a logophile - a person who loves words. You probably have no idea how words could drown me deep inside and make me stronger to the point I feel like wanted to catch the stars. I guess that's the power of words and just a little reminder for you that nothing could beat how beautiful words being arranged in Quran. 

There are so many things that I found it interesting, motivational and inspiring. 

There are three bitternesses that you need to go through while seeking knowledge. But before that, you need to make it clear, why you want to seek for that knowledge? My mom always reminds me to seek knowledge for the sake of Allah, for the sake of the ummah and for the sake of yourself which is to be a knowledgeable person because a knowledgeable person will get a high rank in Allah's eyes. 

The first bitterness that you need to face is the bitterness of the knowledge. For example, I'm in law course during my foundation year. It's undeniable that law is a dry course and you have to sacrifice a lot in order to success. However, I don't think law is the only dry course in the earth. Any field would be hard. Seeking knowledge itself is hard. It depends on you. How you endure it. Law requires you to memorize a lot and memorize only is not enough. You need to increase your memorization skills so that you will be able to apply it later. I still remember what I've read in Imam Syafie's book, your knowledge of something can be measured by how much you've memorized it. If you are not able to bring it to the loo (means knowing without looking at the book), it means that you are not a master yet. Thus, whatever you learn, there's always a thorny road and you need to stay strong and be patient to possess it. 

The second bitterness is the bitterness in handling and facing the educator or the lecturers. Well, lecturers are just like us. They are human beings, they came from different backgrounds, have their own problems just like us, the students. Even our friends vary in terms of attitudes, thoughts or views, so same goes to them. I don't know why but I just don't like people who are late and I have to endure it a lot in the second semester. I'm not saying that I'm a super punctual people but seeing lecturers waiting for students is a big no no. If you can't make it at 8, at least, try to come to class before the lecturer come. We are the one who wanted to seek knowledge from them but we are late? Where's the attitude? Where's the respect for our educators? This is something that students nowadays (including my friends) are neglecting about. 

The third bitterness is the environment. An environment is what influences us a lot. Frankly, in my house everyone is watching korean dramas, five of them love to stay up all night till Subuh and sleep after Subuh prayer while me...... I'm the one who always sleeps early compared to them and yes I haven't tried the "sleep-after-subuh-prayer" routine because I don't think it is a right thing to do because I do stick to the principle where Allah created the night for sleep. But if I have something urgent or any assignment to be comleted, of course, I'll sacrifice my sleeping time but whenever I have the opportunity to sleep early, I will sleep early and rise early because that's the sunnah. Besides, what I love about my class is everyone is so smart and hardworking. We help each other a lot. We share notes, answers, and everything. The high competition in class is a good thing. Always take competition as the way to improve yourselves and not to look down at others or even yourself because all of us are in the learning phase and failure doesn't indicate that you're a failure as long as you don't give up to try. 

Learn to be a professional person. Come on, just because you are teenagers, you need to be playful all the time. Well, we need to be aware that adult stage is nearby. Gotta prepare for it. Professional here means you don't mix between work and personal matters. I think this is an important aspect since in university we have lots of group assignment and presentation. If you are not able to prioritize it wisely, you will cause trouble for others. If you think you are the only one who has personal matters, how about others? It is okay if you can't make it, but learn to be someone who always takes a quick respond on the emergency matter. If you have a meeting at 10 AM but suddenly something happens at 9:15 AM, please inform someone before 10 AM so that people will not for you or maybe they will postpone it later because making someone waiting for us for such long period is inappropriate. Time is gold and learns to respect others' time. 

Don't procrastinate. I don't know but some people found that I am an annoying person because I like to settle things ASAP. I am a perfectionist person, settling things ASAP will make me easier to detect the mistakes that I did. Why procrastinate when you can settle it faster? Why procrastinate when settling it faster will make your less burden?

That's it for today. Will update soon! 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Biggest Gratitude

From a simple hello, it ended with the hardest goodbye. It's undeniable that people come and go. Everyone that's been in your life has been there for a reason, to teach you, to love you, or to experience life with you. It's a cycle of life and some people could leave footprints in our heart. 

Since the day one, I got a strong sense that I could go along with her. I keep it down inside and observe what life stores for me. Day by day, we are getting closer to each other; sharing the same interests in food, boys (well yeah we both love boys with glasses hahaha) and of course kdrama lol. Told ya that my housemates failed my mission to stop watching kdramas once I step into university life..... All of it, ruined because they have lots of stock of korean drama (overwhelmed man how could I escape). 

The chemistry grows in the second semester. We shared lots of things, studied, do lots of things together and also being excluded from "them" - together (hahahaha). Not going to rant much but please know that I feel blessed to know a person like you. Arghhhh I hate experiencing zenosyne! 2 semesters are not enough for me to keep on being clingy to you :(  

Hi, Amal! Not sure whether you will read this or not but the day when you told me that you checked my updates, I was so happy hehe. 

Thank you. 
For always being there for me,
When no one else wanted to be.

For always standing by my side,
And correcting me when I was wrong.

For always reminding me that
The world did not hate me as much
As I thought it did and 
The only reason I was being 
Tested so much because 
I was the greatest warrior  
And you always be there to tranquil
the frantic me. 

Thank you for giving me 
Large warm hugs 
And making me laugh
On the days where I felt 
like I was dead inside 
And the days where I felt the most
Unwanted, lost, and sad. 

Thank you for making me realize 
That sometimes,
Happy places are people and
not things. 

Thank you for every

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Public Smoking Should Be Banned in Malaysia

          Have you ever thought that not being a smoker is the wisest step that you have taken to maintain your healthiness because you are not inhaling those chemical substances like the regular smokers do? Unfortunately, as long as we are exposed to the smokes in the public, we are at risk. Thus, it is important for Malaysia to enforce the banning of public smoking because it has lots of negative consequences from the perspective of Second-hand Smoke, affecting our environmental system and by banning public smoking we can help the country to create a healthy lifestyle.

            First of all, public smoking should be banned in Malaysia because it has lots of negative effects from the perspective of Second-hand Smokes. Second-hand Smokes contain about 7000 chemical substances and 70 of it might lead to various types of cancer. (“Health Risk of”, 2015). Even a little exposure from the Second-hand smoke can affect the non-smokers’ respiratory systems and of course, the effect towards the smokers is totally terrifying. Hence, there is no safe level of exposure of second-hand smokes because the non-smokers will inhale the same chemical substances like the regular smokers did. (“Health Effects of”, 2017).  

         Besides, public smoking is affecting the health of the non-smoking adults. The risk of developing lung cancer can be up to 30% if the non-smokers are exposed to the second-hand smoke at work or home (“Health Effects of”, 2017). The administration department of each company in Malaysia should not neglect the health and the safety of their employees. They should restrict the smokers from getting into the office or probably provide a special room for those who really wanted to smoke because, through those measures, the employers will able to protect their employees right of getting clean environment. 

          The second reason why Malaysia need to enact the law to ban the public smoking as it affecting our environment. The main crisis that being caused by public smoking is the cigarette butts that lead to litter problems which sicken the eyesight.  There are 4.5 trillion tips are tossed worldwide per year. Besides, discarded butts wind up in parks, beaches, and public roads, besides they flow in waterways where the chemically toxic polluted the water supply or eaten by marine wildlife (Chow, 2014). Plus, the possibility for the cigarette butts to flow into the sea is high. People who do littering probably feel at ease as the cigarettes might vanishing from their sight because of the storm, however, cigarettes always find a channel to get into the water and later to the stomachs of marine wildlife (“Greener Planet: A”, 2016). 

              Lastly, by banning public smoking, it will promote a healthy lifestyle towards society. People who smoke in public portray a bad example. Smokers, especially adults need to bear in mind that we have lots of age stages in the society ranging from baby, kids, teenagers and to the older. The most crucial issue here is kids are good in absorbing whatever they see, smell and hear in their growing stages. Furthermore, they cannot distinguish well between right and wrong and that is why they tend to imitate whatever people around them do (“Smoking Should Be”,2015). We might see this as a small issue yet we forget that we are the one who is supposed to help the country creating a healthier lifestyle for our future generations. Who else will do it if not us? 

         In addition, people will see banning as a government encouragement to create a healthier environment in this country. By banning public smoking, it shows that government is committed to discouraging people from smoking especially in public zones and this can help a country to create a better environment (“Smoking Should Be, 2015). Besides, this measure will be an effective tool that reminds the smokers how precious our health is. Furthermore, the outdoor air pollutions would increase as soon as the tobacco smoke is introduced and the level of air pollution is inclining around the public places that being surrounded by active smokers (Chow,2014). For this reason, people who have a respiratory problem would have difficulty to deal with public places. Thus, we need to preserve their right to breathe effortlessly. 

    In conclusion, one of the reasons why we need to ban public smoking is because it has lots of negative consequences from the perspective of Second-hand Smoke, affecting our environmental system and by banning public smoking we can assist the country to form a healthy lifestyle. Besides, by prohibiting public smoking in the public, the government is protecting the God-given rights of its people which to live a content and healthy life. It also encourages people to take care of their health as well as people around them. Thus, the government should implement a law that bans the public smoking so that we can save more lives!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lower your ego

Hello! We're already near to the end of February. I can't wait to go out from my Foundation year!

There were so many things happened that acted like a catalyst for me to study freaking hard and get lost from my foundation place. 

First of all, someone was downgrading me. I don't "really" mind if someone wanted to do so if he or she is really good in certain things. I don't mind but if there is slightly difference between he/she and me, that's totally unacceptable. What I've learned is the definition of beauty and brain should be changed to brain and manners. Beauty is not matters anymore. You're not able to stick to a particular group if have sucks endeavors. People won't be pleased if you keep on hiding your attitudes behind your beauty. Later on when you're looking for a partner especially when it towards life partner, be meticulous about their attitude because you're gonna spend the rest of your life living with a person and bearing with their attitudes. Imagine what if they don't really know how to respect people, how to be careful when uttering something that might hurt anyone else, what will happen to your relationship then? I hope that whoever dealing with the attitudes problems, get the guidance from Him. I can't blame anyone as I like because I don't know them inside out. They're only my "new friends". How I interpret new friends? A friendship that haven't reach one year period and those that I rarely eat with at Anjung Dengkil (my cafe in college) 

Last week was a hectic and roller-coaster week. I swear to God that we've so many things to be done and I'm in charge in handling activities for club's Family Day (I shouldn't complain any because I know I can handle every task given!) *suddenly I've been surrounded by positive vibes* The peak situations are on Friday and yes, also Saturday. The other groups suddenly asked my teammates to swap the group for Economy presentations while I've read through the topics that been given to me. And the real topic that my group has to do after the swapping session is Government Policies and mine is Monetary Policy. It's a hard topic. I was trying to understand each word that I was reading on the night (after Isyak) and at the same time my "friend" bring her friends together in our house and eating ramen if I'm not mistaken. They were quite loud. I could tolerate it because you know it's hard to handle ourselves from laughing hard whenever we are spending our time with our good friends yet pls man respects others' privacies. 

I've been burying my madness, dudgeon, and what-so-ever we called it since the first semester. Also, I had told her that I'm quite sensitive when it's loud. Yes, I'm stressed at that time but I already gave them hint to lower their voice. I couldn't handle and I got burst. Yes, my fault. my fault. my fault for not giving "sufficient" hint for them to lower down their voices. My fault for not being "sporting" enough to be uncomfortable when someone enters my house (our house) without giving salam. Yes yes yes. Everything is on me. And you're acting like I'm the one who should settle this down while you don't realize you don't have a sense maybe you lost your senses because you were overprotecting your good friends at that time. I even lowered down my ego for the sake to fix the relationship because we're "close" friend. I guess it didn't work. I don't care as long as I've done my part which is asking for an apology because everything that happened was on me (even tho you've contributed in this case) 

Sometimes we have to lower down our ego to fix a relationship but if you've done everything that you are supposed to do and everything keep on the suck ways, be patient. You're doing a right thing. You lose nothing. You've done your part. Allah will understand. Chill!!! 

I've economy presentation and hafazan tomorrow. Plus, I'm going back this weekend! Chao! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Should women breastfeed their children

Should women breastfeed their children
Qistina & Nasrin 

In this modern day, being new parents can be quite challenging. You always want the best for your child in every aspect and at the same time, you need to keep up with the challenges as an adult. From little things, such as what name that you will give to them, what kind of things that you have to buy for your child to bigger things like what to feed them and the most crucial question is what kind of milk to feed your baby with. Which one do you prefer? Feeding your baby with expensive formula milk or spending your precious time to breastfeed your beloved baby? Research suggests that breastfeeding is more beneficial for a mother and child because it is affordable, it lowers the rate of disease toward the babies and mothers and it affects the intelligence of babies.

First of all, every mother can afford to buy breastfeed their children financially regardless of their income. As we all know, the price of formula milk could be up to RM100 per can especially for the imported formula milk such as Friso Gold and Pediasure. Every parent wanted the best milk to feed their babies however not all parents can afford to buy the imported milk which is known to be the best milk for babies. Parents can opt to breastfeed their babies because breastmilk has more nutrition as compared to formula milk, even the most expensive formula milk does not have that much nutrition like breastmilk. If parents choose to breastfeed their babies, they could save almost RM2000 per year from purchasing the formula milk. Since breastmilk is self-produced, mothers do not need money to get the endless supply of food. This proves that breastfeeding is reasonably priced to every mother in the world.  

In addition, breastfeeding could also decrease the rate of disease towards babies and mothers. The newborns can get passive immunity against several viruses and bacteria from breast milk. Breastfeeding has been estimated to prevent 13% of deaths to children under 5 years of age that live in a low-income country (Mathur & Dhingra, 2013 as cited in Byers, 2015). Besides, illness and infection can easily affect newborns and therefore they benefit greatly from passive immunity and probiotics that breast milk provides. The ability to be immune towards infections such as Escherichia coli and Shigella can be acquired through passive immunity by the infants from the mother’s immunity. (Davidson et al. 2012 as cited in Byers, 2015).

Another benefit that the lactating mother gains from breastfeeding is the nonpharmacological method of contraception while decreasing a woman’s risk for developing female cancers related to estrogen, proliferation of the uterus, ovaries, and breasts. Progesterone and progestin can reduce woman’s risk of developing endometrial, ovarian, and breast cancer by hindering or counteracting immoderate tissue production that is initiated by estrogen without suppressing the beneficial effects of estrogen. (Risch, 1998 as cited in Byers, 2015). According to medical researchers, Pechlivani and Vivilaki , results from research teams located in multiple countries worldwide (including the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Israel, Norway, and China) have demonstrated an inverse correlation between the length of time that a woman breastfeeds and the risk of breast cancer (Davidson et al., 2012 as cited in Byers, 2015).

Last but not least, breastfeeding will give such great impacts to kids’ intelligence.  Young children who breastfeed as infants scored higher on intelligence tests than formula-fed kids. The presence of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in breastmilk, inc docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which are necessary for retinal and cortical brain development (Bernardo & Cesar, 2013). Breastfeeding is positively related to brain volume and it promotes structural changes in the brain (Bernardo & Cesar, 2013).

Breastfeeding has many potentials benefits towards autistic children in respect to neurological, cognitive and emotional development. Besides of health problems, autistic people will face problems that are related to the brain development such as cognitive and neurological problems. Therefore, the natural ingredients in the human milk which contain high concentrations of essential nutrition will enhance the health of the brain (LEAVEN, 2001). Apart from that, breastfeeding can enhance the emotional development among children through the close physical and emotional contact with the mother. Children will be more responsive and better-adjusted socially if they were breastfed (Jackson & Reznek, 1992 as cited in LEAVEN, 2001).

The longer babies breastfed, the more they will accomplish in their life. It was proven that those kids who breastfed were smarter, perform better at school and gained more than those who had not been. According to Dr. Bernado Lessa Horta from the Federal University of Pelotas, the prolonged breastfeeding not only enhances intelligence up to 30 years but also affect the kids both at individual and societal level through the improvement of educational attainment and earning ability (Boseley, S., 2015). World Health Organization also suggested exclusive breastfeeding which is for the first six months because it is justified by Dr. Horta that the babies will get lots of benefit from it (Boseley, S., 2015).

As a conclusion, it is vital for all women out there to understand the importance of breastfeeding and practice it to their children as it is cheaper than purchasing formula milk, it is beneficial towards both the babies and the mothers in terms of health and breastfeeding could also improve the children’s intelligence. It is time for every mother to give what is good and use what God has given to them naturally to their children because nothing is better than a mother’s choice.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Dangers of Second-hand Smoke (SHS)

*Take a deep breath*

Have you thought that not being a smoker is good enough to maintain our healthiness from the chronic disease that might be suffered from those smokers? Yes, most of us do not realize that they are breathing the second-hand smoke. Instead of going away from the smoky places, we tend to just stand still and smell it. Don't feel you terrible because of the scent of the cigarette? We know that smoking brings a lot of bad consequences yet we do not know how terrifying are the effects of smoking which not only towards our body but also affecting the animals and our environment. Scary, is it? So today, I want to persuade all of you to become more concern about every single particle that you inhale especially when you are hanging out at public places or maybe you are living with a smoker. Before that, let me review my main points. First of all, second-hand smoke (SHS) are harming humans’ health, affecting animals especially pets that live indoor and the third one is second-hand smoke also give catastrophe consequences to our earth.

Okay let's start with the first main point, second-hand smoke is a serious threat to human health. It begins with the babies. Breathing second-hand smoke (SHS) is known as the cause of Sudden Infants Death Syndrome (SIDS). Thus, babies that have been surrounded by second-hand smoke are more likely to die of Sudden Infants Death Syndrome than babies who are not around the second-hand smoke. (Richard & Kenneth, 2005) This is the main reason why pregnant women need to ask their husband and anyone to smoke away from them because it could give bad consequences to the baby. Besides, babies that being surrounded by second-hand smoke also tend to have lower birth weights. The tendency for them to have breathe problems until they become adults is high. Hence, a good parent it is better for you to eradicate the smoking habits because it not only saves your life but
also your beloved one.

Other than babies, older children also get the impacts from the second-hand smoke. Those parents whose smoke are responsible for their children’s health. According to Richard and Kenneth, children can get more bronchitis and pneumonia. Besides, they have to deal with difficulty in breathing and coughing often. It does not only stop there, but second-hand smoke could trigger asthma. Around 40% go to the operation room as a result of living with the smokers. Plus, a severe asthma attack can put life at risk. There is no amount of smoke that is safe to our body, including adults. According to Japanese researchers at American Heart Association (ASA) meeting, even as little as 30 minutes of second-hand smoke (SHS) can result in hardening of arteries in non-smokers. Now, imagine. How many minutes you had spent with the smoke in the public areas or did you breathe the smoke almost every day because you live with a smoker? We should not take this as a light problem because the SHS make platelet in the body act like those regular smokers. Even a short period in a smoky environment, it causes the platelet to stick together that would lead to many complications.

The second fact that you know is that second-hand smoking not only harms the health of human being but it also harms the health of animals especially pets that live indoor. According to Dr. Jan Bellows, a veterinarian at All Pets Denta Clinic in Weston, he said that since pets spend much more time in the house compared to us, this increases their exposure to carcinogenic substances which are harmful to their health. Moreover, a late research on indicated that pooches with long muzzles will probably create more sinus since their noses and sinuses have more surface zone on which cancer-causing agents can gather. Besides, while grooming themselves, cats are more likely to get mouth and lymph nodes cancers because they will lick up their furs that have cumulated by the toxic substances. Likewise, birds are sensitive to the second-hand smoke because they spend most of the time flying in the air and might put their life at risks. Albeit animals are small in size, there is no exception for them for them to breathe the clean air. For the sake of animals' health, we need to be more observant about the surrounding that our pets breathing. In short, second-hand smoke from the cigarette affecting animals' health.

The third fact that you should consider is that environment is the other victim of the second-hand smoke. Smoking can be the major factor that threatening our air pollution. Smoking cigarettes can generate severe environmental pollution. In all kinds of pollution, air pollution is considered as the most dangerous one because it will attack your cardiovascular system that can lead you to death. Basically, there are two main atmosphere-polluting chemicals in air pollution which are carbon dioxide and methane. About 2.6 billion kg of CO2 and 5.2 billion kg of methane being released into the atmosphere annually. In addition, SHS contain the carcinogen, toxic metals and poisonous gasses which are very dangerous and degrading our air quality. In this case, Centre of Disease Control carried out and experiment regarding respirable suspended particles (RSP) and the result showed that RSP level in places that banned public smoking is decreasing up to 96% compared to places that allow public smoking. This shows how crucial it is to choose a good place to live in because there is a huge difference regarding the level of toxic substances in the clean air and the dirty air. This can be proven by the outdoor tobacco smoke (OTS) experiment that had been carried out in Helsinki, Finland. The results showed that places that being surrounded by smokers polluted 5 to 20 times higher than the sidewalks of busy streets that packed with vehicles.

In a conclusion, second-hand smoke (SHS) is a serious hazard health that gives big consequences to the human being, animals, and our environment. The government should take actions to limit the smoking areas and develop places that designated exclusively for smoking to minimize the rate of second-hand smoke so that we can create a healthier environment. For public safety, smokers should not be allowed to smoke in the same place where the non-smokers breathe. The smokers might claim that it is their human right to smoke whatever they want. However, the non-smokers also have their rights to breathe the clean air that free from chemicals substances. Thus, think wisely before you surround yourself with the smokers or if you are a smoker, think about your beloved one.