Sunday, March 19, 2017

Public Smoking Should Be Banned in Malaysia

          Have you ever thought that not being a smoker is the wisest step that you have taken to maintain your healthiness because you are not inhaling those chemical substances like the regular smokers do? Unfortunately, as long as we are exposed to the smokes in the public, we are at risk. Thus, it is important for Malaysia to enforce the banning of public smoking because it has lots of negative consequences from the perspective of Second-hand Smoke, affecting our environmental system and by banning public smoking we can help the country to create a healthy lifestyle.

            First of all, public smoking should be banned in Malaysia because it has lots of negative effects from the perspective of Second-hand Smokes. Second-hand Smokes contain about 7000 chemical substances and 70 of it might lead to various types of cancer. (“Health Risk of”, 2015). Even a little exposure from the Second-hand smoke can affect the non-smokers’ respiratory systems and of course, the effect towards the smokers is totally terrifying. Hence, there is no safe level of exposure of second-hand smokes because the non-smokers will inhale the same chemical substances like the regular smokers did. (“Health Effects of”, 2017).  

         Besides, public smoking is affecting the health of the non-smoking adults. The risk of developing lung cancer can be up to 30% if the non-smokers are exposed to the second-hand smoke at work or home (“Health Effects of”, 2017). The administration department of each company in Malaysia should not neglect the health and the safety of their employees. They should restrict the smokers from getting into the office or probably provide a special room for those who really wanted to smoke because, through those measures, the employers will able to protect their employees right of getting clean environment. 

          The second reason why Malaysia need to enact the law to ban the public smoking as it affecting our environment. The main crisis that being caused by public smoking is the cigarette butts that lead to litter problems which sicken the eyesight.  There are 4.5 trillion tips are tossed worldwide per year. Besides, discarded butts wind up in parks, beaches, and public roads, besides they flow in waterways where the chemically toxic polluted the water supply or eaten by marine wildlife (Chow, 2014). Plus, the possibility for the cigarette butts to flow into the sea is high. People who do littering probably feel at ease as the cigarettes might vanishing from their sight because of the storm, however, cigarettes always find a channel to get into the water and later to the stomachs of marine wildlife (“Greener Planet: A”, 2016). 

              Lastly, by banning public smoking, it will promote a healthy lifestyle towards society. People who smoke in public portray a bad example. Smokers, especially adults need to bear in mind that we have lots of age stages in the society ranging from baby, kids, teenagers and to the older. The most crucial issue here is kids are good in absorbing whatever they see, smell and hear in their growing stages. Furthermore, they cannot distinguish well between right and wrong and that is why they tend to imitate whatever people around them do (“Smoking Should Be”,2015). We might see this as a small issue yet we forget that we are the one who is supposed to help the country creating a healthier lifestyle for our future generations. Who else will do it if not us? 

         In addition, people will see banning as a government encouragement to create a healthier environment in this country. By banning public smoking, it shows that government is committed to discouraging people from smoking especially in public zones and this can help a country to create a better environment (“Smoking Should Be, 2015). Besides, this measure will be an effective tool that reminds the smokers how precious our health is. Furthermore, the outdoor air pollutions would increase as soon as the tobacco smoke is introduced and the level of air pollution is inclining around the public places that being surrounded by active smokers (Chow,2014). For this reason, people who have a respiratory problem would have difficulty to deal with public places. Thus, we need to preserve their right to breathe effortlessly. 

    In conclusion, one of the reasons why we need to ban public smoking is because it has lots of negative consequences from the perspective of Second-hand Smoke, affecting our environmental system and by banning public smoking we can assist the country to form a healthy lifestyle. Besides, by prohibiting public smoking in the public, the government is protecting the God-given rights of its people which to live a content and healthy life. It also encourages people to take care of their health as well as people around them. Thus, the government should implement a law that bans the public smoking so that we can save more lives!