Friday, October 13, 2017


Hi! Ahhh I really miss my blog. So much. I just don't have time to sit and write or basically doing things that I love to. So yeah, this is the fifth week of law school but I already questioned myself a lot whether is this the journey that I have to encounter or in the other words do I really have to go to law school? Yea, I just hope that I will be on the right track until the end. 

Fyi, I don't participate in lots of faculty or college activities. I don't know. It's not that I don't want to join it but the fact that I'm trying to give some spaces to myself, to adapt and learn how to survive for the next 7 semesters. I think that's the best decision that I could make for myself at this moment. I know that I've to compete with other people for college placement next year but yeah slowly but surely. I'll join more in the next semester - this is the promise that I made to myself. I've my own stand. I just wanna let myself to breathe and practically enduring the first semester. 

Hey, you know what, foundation and degree life are two different worlds. But Thank God that I've got a little basis on how to cope with a hectic schedule but that's not enough. at all. The first thing that differs foundation and degree is the environment. Of course, here, I got to see many people spending their evening with jogging, kayaking, dating and there's me spending time in the library to finish up my tutorials. But not every evening lah, I've tried to enjoy myself with sweating (lol) because I found the happiness while running (because I feel like I got to escape from my responsibilities. for a while.) There's nothing could make me happier than being able to put on my sports shoes back and run for miles. Kalau dulu kat dengkil habis kelas je pergi makan. Lepas makan naik bilik, tidur. I don't really think about taking naps since the first week of classes. There are so many tutorials, readings, and discussion to do/attend. But, I don't really like to sleep during daytime cause I always considered daytime as my working hours - do as many tasks that I could and sleep early (sadly, no).

The other perspective of environment that I wanna talk about is the people. Here's the place where you'll meet a different kind of people. There are people who will try their best to be balanced in whatever they do, there are people that seem like they aren't interested in lecture but managed to do well in tutorials, people who will make you laugh, people who will annoy you, cling to you, depends on you and yes, there are also people who don't give a damn at you. Lesson: Be strong. Be confidence, never belittle yourself but don't be cocky. Try your best to always be down to the earth so people will be comfortable to stick to you. No matter how smart or cool you're, if you don't have the right attitude, people will find it upsetting to be around you. 

Anyway, I'm trying to live a life which is "less-sighing" as I do believe that if you control yourself from keeping on complaining about life, you'll have a better life. Have a concrete stand. Never get influenced from negative vibes. Just a little reminder that how I define negative vibes could be different from yours because I considered it as a subjective thing. Besides, degree life is somehow about the phase where your peers' selection plays an important role. If you chose the wrong people to stay with you for the rest of your degree life, goodbye honey. You'll ultimately stumble on the thorny path. 

Besides, the integral part in handling the university life is time management. I know some people would be like "Eleh, dah masuk uni pun nak cakap pasal benda ni ke?". Holyyy no. You'll never know how much essential time management is! So last week, I decided to spend my weekend with TED talks and one of it was "what top students do" lol so cliche. One thing that I got from that video is that whenever you arrange your schedule or your daily activities, don't forget to include things that you love to do! YES! I gotta include running and dramas then hehe but I don't know what's gotten into myself, my interest to kdramas is fading. Not sure whether I should be thankful for it or not. Moreover, spending 30 minutes on your super expensive weekend to plan out or listing all the submissions, things that you've to buy/do, is very important. for me. I've strain myself to make this as a consistent habit because I found it very helpful since I was in my foundation year. By doing that, you'll have a clear mission on what to do, what is your priorities and etc. Once you get your priorities right, you'll be able to complete all your tasks perfectly! 

Tbh, I wanted to join debate/debat thingy so bad but I know that it's so hard to be selected since I don't have the experience at all. I'm not saying this because I'm afraid to try but I already analyzed the possibilities for me to get the chance but nah it's okay. I'm actually excited to see myself in the next 4 years. I wanna be an outspoken person, really. I wanna be someone who can speak confidently, articulately in front of the people but then I realized that it's not about how outspoken you're but the important thing is when you speak, people want to listen attentively to the substances that you're talking about - that's what I aspire to be. I wanna be someone who speaks with substances bukan sembang kosong je because I discovered a lot of people who are outspoken but there's no substance in things that they said cakap je lebih tapi kerja tak buat. Well, actions speak louder than words yall. 

Last but not least, this is zaimah. a good friend of mine. she always has something to talk about especially about the manga that she read, or the movies that she watched. Yea, she's the one who walked from her college to mine just to send me the panadol and a cool fever pad when I'd fever last week *look how nice she's :'))) * 

I don't know why I included this but whatever. By that, I end my post for tonight and have a good weekend everyone! I wish you won't easily give up in pursuing your dream because there's no shortcut in life. Life is hard so you gotta hit it harder!