Saturday, March 21, 2015


part I

the main reason why im writing back because i couldnt withstand anymore with em i dont know i just feel like im quite miserable. i dont know why my laziness level is increases and this is soooooooooooo annyoing you know i cant overcome that problem well then my work are increasing day by day.

the first thing is
i think i better uninstall or stop the tweeting and instagram-ing activities. it just make me so lalai ah.
1) twitter em ahahahah yah its hard but i guess im the person who have to work very hard to get something that i aim for. im not like the others who are gifted with the good brain. im not saying that Allah isnt unfair but i have to trust Him because He is the one who arranged your life story. i just cant stop tweeting!! such an addicted application. im glad that im no more addicted with that sakai facebook ahahahaha im kutuk-ing that app padahal dulu kaki facebook. huh i dont know when this kind of addiction will get rid of from my life. yah i sould stop tweeting until the right time comes.

2) instagram
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH tbh im a stalker. keep stalking others and wasting my time at the stupid things. kena kawal diri utk keep uploading pictures about yr life & yah lepas spm upload la gambar banyak2! yah, quite hard too but why dont we try. come on! 7 months only then u can do anything u wanna do!!!!!!!

3) tumblr & blogspot
em hahaha im not going to deactive these bcs this is my only entertainment! how about whatsapp? em no, i still needed bcs i dont really have credit so with whatsapp i can send whatever i want without using credit bcs we're using wifi hahaha but yah i should have to control myself.

part II

i need my old life. the one who can run. the one who can do anything that she wanna do. ah i should stop this.

so dear myself anas
u need to study.
u really need to study. u have to struggle. dont compare yourself with the one who is gifted. people not same. remember how hard your parent work to support your studies in boarding school

dont u wanna make them happy
make they forget about their pain when looking at your straight A's result?
dont u wanna make them happy
make they proud of you
make they no regret with all sacrifices that they done
just for you

dont you wanna make yourself proud?
we are going through school life since we're in kindergarten. so, why dont kita treat diri kita dengan something yg membanggakan. belajar penat penat dari tadika takkan ended up taknak result gempak? tak rasa sia sia ke belajar dari kecik tapi tak nak appreciate keringat sendiri. love yourself.

kejayaan semanis madu memerlukan pengorbanan sepahit madu.
do it now or regret tomorrow.

dear anas,
may Allah give you strength to fight against yourself. to fight laziness & nafsu. may Allah hear you dua' but yah He's always hear :) keep trying. never lose hope. Allah always be there for you. all the best in whatever you do, dear myself xxx may straight A's could be achieved!