Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Interview for Law Degree Admission in University of Malaya

Hello! Before I go further in this post, I just wanna tell you that I am supposed to update about this last month or earlier of June. Nah, that's okay. I actually run out of the speedy Internet because I had finished them for the sake of The Flash on Netflix (finally, I could catch up all the episodes!).

My interview was on 30 May, Tuesday, a very early in the morning; 8:00 AM. 

Honestly, once I got the result for my interview session, I was terrified because you know, whenever people mention about UM, the reactions will be almost the same... "Omg! UM kot!" That expectation will always kill. Even though it just an interview. Arisya and I were having a panic attack all way to the interview.

I read a lot of current issues such child abuse (domestic violence), smoking, vote at 18, RUU 355 (hot issues) and the critical part is the interview week was held when the world was being overwhelmed with so many attacks including Manchester attack, Marawi and Egypt attacks. But yall, my panelists didn't even ask about all those things that I've studied! I even did notes for it. 

By the way, Taiwan court rules in favor of same-sex marriage! It is first in Asia! On the other hand, in Aceh, (the conservative state of Indonesia), two men caned for gay sex. I also studied about dramas that happened in Twitter, i.e. There was one Chinese boy who got flying colors result but didn't get any offer from IPTA on the basis of his skin color (race)- this could refer to the special position of Malays and Natives of Sabah and Sarawak based on Federal Constitution. Gah, I couldn't imagine what will happen to Malay students if the government alter the quota a bit for the non-Bumiputera. 

IV Day 

I will go straightforward to the IV session.

First of all, smile! That is the best makeup you could ever wear (especially for a girl like me who doesn't wear makeup at all hahaha). Greet the panelists and sit when they ask you to. Be polite. Chill. Chill man! Pass your file and wait for the instruction by them. Start when they tell you to do so. Don't you ever take me as an example. I guess the butterflies urged me to say "May I start?" HAHAHA. I felt so blessed because my panelists were so easy-going. 

Introduce yourself. 
The basic things that you need to tell them are your full name, your age, your latest institution (maybe you can tell them about your CGPA as well), your interest - be careful with this especially when your interests are reading and writing. Make sure you've some sort of ideas about the latest book that you read. For example, mine are reading and writing. Thus, I told them that I have a blog as a platform for me to express thoughts and improve my writing skills. Thank God that they didn't ask me about the latest book that I read because I haven't start to read my novels because I was so busy with my kdramas hehe. 

Questions asked by the panelists

1) They asked me about Dengkil. 
I told them that I had so much fun there especially when my classmates were around. 

2) Favourite subject (also favourite question) 
Mine is psychology and when they asked me why, I told them that I could detect someone who's lying through their eye contacts, hand gesture and the inconsistencies in microexpression. 

3) When you decided to enter foundation in Law, did your parents agree because you came from Science background?
Hahaha. I told them that I had an argument with them and I basically goreng everything to make my asnwers look good anc conviencing. 

4) They even asked me about my siblings.
Answer: I am the only daughter. That's why I choose UM as my first choice because I want everything the best for myself (Self-promoting was done here) 

6) They also asked whether I am interested or not with debate/mooting since there's no certificate regarding them. Hence, to make it professional, I told them that I was spending my entire life in track and field and got no time and chance to involve to talk on the stage. 

Highlight of the conversation ( I call it conversation because I had fun in that iv's room lol) 

Panelist: Ahh I see, are you a sprinter or long-distance runner?
Me: Sprinter 
Panelist: What is your record? 10s?
Me: HAHAHHAHA, it could be Usain Bolt. mine is 14s. 
Panelist: Whoa, you could beat me then, mine is 15s. 

Well, Bolt's record is 8s bro. 

5) Kenapa UM perlu pilih awak 
I'm looking for the competitive environment with multi-racial colleagues. I do believe that I could improve myself a lot in UM. I don't really remember about this and yes I had to answer this question in Malay. 

6) Apa sumbangan yang boleh diberikan kalau awak sambung belajar di UM 
This is hilarious. I forgot what is since in Malay. I couldn't process any word related to it during that time and I feel sucks. Of course. I've been mentioned about Tajwid Class and Blogger Club that I will establish if I manage to enroll in UM. 

Since I'm a person who always enjoys conversations with adults, I find it enjoyable. But yes, enjoy is not a sign that shows I already pass it. At this state, whether it is Law School or not, I will let Him decide. Who knows that Law is something that I couldn't handle in the future. We would never know what's gonna happen next. I just hope that I could get the best UPU result and able to pursue my degree in any IPTA because all those options that I've decided in UPU aren't all bad. 

Ok. Good night! 

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