Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fresh Start

Hi & Assalamualaikum. Today is the first chapter of 2017. And yes, let me create all the unforgettable memories and achieve my ultimate goals because this is the last "teen" year in my life. I will turn to 20 next years. I'm old. I need to save more money lol.  

Hey, do you know that nothing is much more important than acknowledging yourself as someone who is worth? How you are going to tackle life if you are not able to believe in yourself? If you don't have faith in yourself probably you need people who are willing to tell how worth and beautiful you are in this world. What I've learned in the late of 2016 was, never be degraded by others. Never let people know your insecurities by showing how weak you are when they teased you. Never. Wake up and fight to kill your insecurities and whatever that makes you feel humiliated. The other thing that I've learned was, pretty people will always get a better treatment. I'm not stereotyping but that's the reality. Beauty always comes first. Beauty with a brain. Beauty with the skills. It's weird when you put something before "beauty" like a brain with beauty? 

Nevermind. If you want to become prettier, you just need to make up your soul and it will shine outside. What is the point of having a pretty face but you only skillful in humiliating others? 


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