Sunday, December 4, 2016

Note in Seremban

Helloooo and also helooo to my second semester that will begin tomorrow until April 2017. Right now i'm in the car with my father get trapped in the highway jam. Such abandon of cars since this is school holiday. 

Can't believe that I already have finished my 2 months of semester break. How fast time flies. I've mix feeling towards this second semester or maybe I can call it as my last semester in foundation study. I'm terrified & anxious. I dont know why but I think it's because of the 4 law subjects that look amazig to explore but hard to score plus the other 4 objects. So the total will be 8!!! 

My plan for this month is go to Big Bad Wolf and buy 5 books and my friends and I planning to go to Jalan Tar. I need to cut off my budget (of course this is the worst stage of Malaysia economy). Besides, I wanted to go to the Place of Justice since my schedule for this sem is really flexible especially on Wednesday and Friday! After December, all I have to do is struggling for Dean's Lists. No more shopping. No more kdramas ( I hope so & I hope that I will fight for my lust hehehe yknow I even declared kdramas as a real satan) I think I need to uninstall Instagram then. Maybe I have to keep reminding myself that this period need such a great sacrifice to unsure that I am able to continue my degree in law. 

Ah I feel like I'm lost with all witty words because I didn't maximize the brain for 2 months. Bye!!! Have a good December everyone. 

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