Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hello 2016

Im just posting latest new which i made in my new blog. After few exploration, my old blog still exist! haha 

Basically this post about the new me :) Alhamdulillah, ive been accepted to continue my study in foundation in law. it is a nice course guys! cant deny it even tho yah its hard but just because something is hard, it doesnt mean you cant enjoy learning it. 

So, here you go. I wrote this post on July 

Assalamualaikum and Hi 

Frankly speaking, I created this account "again" because I got inspired by Madam Farhah, my lecturer for LAW038. She's so amazing! May Allah bless her. She keep on reminding us that we need to acquire akhirah in ourselves, we need to contribute back to the society, we are here learning to spread the knowledge about this field to the society because we are living in the society.

She also streesed on that we should spend our time in library a lot, do make your own research and do not wait for the lecturer to conduct you to do whatever you should do. I'm here again to train myself tying in high speed. She said that we need to be accustomed with working under high pressure because yah, because being lawyer is not easy. Just like the korean drama that I've watched which was "I Hear Your Voice". being a lawyer need you to have passion in yourself, you need to have patient and passion for exact. 

I just have been here, Foundation in Law just for 2 months but I feel like there are so many new things and knowledge that I've gained here including mac, sephora and kylie (HAHAHAHA) excuse my boring characteristics. I really need to take care of my ikhtilat and heart from missing someone or liking someone or keep on thinking of someone that I shouldn't. Hey, come on! There's no more time left and it is better for me to seize whatever chance that I have here. 

May Allah help me in being istiqamah, in doing good things. I wanted to share everything including ayah that ive read in Quran, current issues and probably my legal knowledge! I will watch Tenggelamnya Kapal Ven Der Wick this night and yah am pretty excited for this. Alright, I need to start my research on Lexis Nexis for my first assignment in LAW038. May Allah ease everything!