Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

First of all, thanks to my roommate's friend because she got one more ticket left on that time. I totally frustrated when I didnt manage to get the ticket even tho I have been queued up since evening! Yes I just got mad on those people who dont know how painful is when someone who is coming late but managed to get ticket because she was cut off the line hm 

So, basically I enjoyed watching it even tho I sat beside those that I dont know, i am alone but its okay because im accustomed to it (big girl lol) 

Its about a love story. Zainuddin and Hayati. 

Im not going to write a lot about this but yah, the most important thing, when you love someone, dont love them too much til make you forget that Allah is The One that you should love more. Dont u ever put high trust in someone when you love them. People will disappoint you, no matter how kind they are. They will because they are human. 

You should not give someone a false hope. PLEASE do a consideration before you make a promise with someone. We never know how loyal someone is to us, Zainuddin is a loyal person. A very loyal person. He never forget Hayati as his lover no matter how far the distance between them. He made Hayati as his inspiration to be a successful person. I think that is the power of the first love (not puppy love)(hahaha) 

Besides, we should not let our ego engulfs ourselves. Zainuddin said he forgave Hayati because she choose another person (Hayati being forced actually but she said to Zainuddin that she choose that man because of property), but Zainuddin dont want to get back with Hayati after her husband dead. Zainuddin was being fooled by his ego. He said that Hayati was the one who asked him  to forget her, forget all the memories between them. Zainuddin still have a feeling to Hayati but because of ego (lelaki kan), he decided to send Hayati back to her hometown. Hayati was dead after the sink of van der wijck ship. He regretted but then he managed to overcome it by build a shelter for the unfortunate people. Zainuddin is a kind person and he is handsome hehehe


While writing this.... i suddenly remember the nasyid that i used to read in samura. im not sure whether it is zikir or nasyid but yah 

"cintakan bunga, akan layu,
cintakan manusia, akan mati,
cintakan Allah, kekal abadi,
itulah cinta, cinta yang hakiki" 

Love Allah. He will never ever disappoint you :)