Sunday, August 14, 2016

Change things that you regret

Hi and Assalamualaikum

Have you ever feel regret after did something? Of course, everyone had experience it or maybe you are experiencing it right now. 

I regretted for spending about RM30 for notebooks that I've bought in Typo. Hm, I should avoid myself from going there when there is no necessary thing to buy. Me myself is the one who can't stand seeing cute, lovely, unique notebooks. I just can't. Even though I know that I've so many empty notebooks in house. I just love it. But now I am ok with that now because I am going to give on of that books for my bff since tomorrow is her birthday. I've put some motivational quote (boleh lah). Thanks Allah for blessed me with that kind of handwriting (hehe). 

That's is the first thing. Next, I always regret when I sleep back after perform my Subuh prayer. I feel so useless praying sunat qabliyah Subuh that known as prayer that represent all the contents of the world, but then.....hmm. I thought that I'm going to be fresh after reciting Quran but I'm not strong enough to control my nafs when I looked at my bed. The pillow seemed to be more fluffy yall.
Woke up at 9AM and regretted everything. I'm supposed to write anything in this blog after subuh but slept instead. I might have more than two hours to study law if I weren't bomb into my bed.

It's kind of rude when you sleep at the time when Allah send His Angles down to earth, to give Rizq, We keep on blaming Allah for not being fair to us but the true is we ourselves who failed in being good slaves for Him. Why we so in love with bed while Allah already said in Quran that day time isa period for us to work, to give contributions to people, to seek knowledge or whatever good deeds are but we sleep instead of being motivated to do everything at the early of the day.

I need to change myself my attitude build again my discipline to be a great person! 

Just like what my mom told me when Ive been attacked with "love-sleep-syndrome" -
Dah tua nanti nak tidur pun rasa penat   

Make full use of your youth time :-)