Saturday, August 13, 2016

Melayu Minority

Hi and Good Morning 

While im writing this post im here in reading room in ptar (tun abdul rahman library). Im here alone waiting my groupmates. Frankly talk, i just wasted my almost 2 hours for watching korean dramas and now i regret it. yah regret a lot since next paper will be LAW016. 

It supposed to be at 9 am but then they asked to postpone it at 10. Im such in rush around 10.03 because i thought i was late for 3 minutes. once im arrived here, oh again im the first people here. I just mad. Yah, i hate some people who cant think maturely about what is important and what is not important. 

We always complaining about melayu tak maju and whatsoever but we are the one who supoosed to change our attitude first. learn to be punctual or even it is not punctual, come early and learn to think about others' feeling and commitment. In order to change our community (melayu lambat), we have to force ourselves to be the one in minority. 

I just cant wait for the end of August. May Allah ease everything. yah, everything.