Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hectic Week

Hi and Assalamualaikum.

Im just taking a break from doing my LAW038 homework. I have a group presentation tomorrow but I dont have any idea how my group slides look like because im the who incharge in doing the report of the project. Its ok. everything can be settled. Chill. Currently im trying so hard to learn how to be relax and chillll while handling tasks. Btw, I just finished my papers for law016 and elc080 which is listening test. Frankly talk, law016 is kind of a history subject where you have to memorize all the acts, facts and the chronologies of incidents that happen during our past times.

I totally frustrated with myself because of the misspelling that ive done during listening test hahaha im had such a bad time after the listening test. Im pretty worried how im going to survive thru this semester. But I believe that i can handle this. Patience and Persistence is the key. Yes. I shouldnt give up just because things are getting harder and helloooooo arghhh this only the first semester!!! if I couldn't handle having pressure throughout this foundation year.... how im going to face my fisrt year of degree. Keep yourself focus!

Before the tests which was around 1230, i whatsapped my mom and told her that im afraid. lately, ive an anxiety attack on Wednesday. Masha Allah. I feel like i suffered such a worst disease. I never feel like this before not even during my spm time. WHAT UNI'S LIFE DID TO ME!!!! My hands keep on sweating and thats annoying seriously. since last week which i was sitting for law012 paper, i felt nervous started from morning. even i told myself to relax, it didnt work. I even shivering from morning till the moment i answered my test!!!  Ok done. If this kind of conditions keep on attacking me, i need to go and see the doctor. I pity myself actually. 

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