Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Equality in the society

On Tuesday, i learned about a new chapter in law012 which is law and equality. The topic that i wanted to come out is of course equality in Malaysia. Recently, there is a case that a pregnant woman who is going to deliver her baby within 4 weeks was being arrested since she was caught in stealing baby stuffs in the supermarket. The court make it less in detaining her in the jail from 14 days to 3 days. In contrary, there is a recent case where an unemployed man being arrested for stealing handphone but only being detained for 5 days! Ergh im so furious with this issue. I found it unjust for that woman, even though she commit crime because stealing the baby stuffs, but can people give it a consideration? she might dont have any money to buy preparation stuffs for her baby, maybe she is having money problem and thats why she decided to steal. can people understand the feeling of being a mother? 
Dia yang bekerja sebagai wakili jualan di sebuah pasar raya di sini, tinggal bersama suami yang bekerja sebagai buruh di Kampung Aur, Jalan Tawang, Bachok. Mereka mempunyai empat anak berusia 12, 9, 5 dan 4 tahun.
I got that from sinar online. 
Besides that, she still have to pay fine for rm3000! omg! she dont even money to buy the baby stuffs but then she still need to pay for it. the total for the stuffs only for rm165. oh come on people! wake up. i think woman organizations should play a role in handling cases like this. i think that organization need to make a survey on pregnant women so that the baby will be delivered safely. 

My lecturer also mention that, if Malaysia is practicing the theory of the distribution of wealth in a right way, we wont have a gap between rich and poor people. How can one person having a lot of houses in town that cost up to 1 million but at the same time we still have an unfortunate people who dont have enough money to eat? 

Ive done law012 paper yet we still have the second test on 22 September which after raya haji holiday. Break a leg!