Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ambang Merdeka 2016

Hey & Assalamualaikum! fyi, this is the best merdeka celebration ever in my life. I dont know why but i can't remember well what happened in SAMURA during merdeka celebration for 2 last years (buffering).

Before this Qis persuaded me to join her to go to Dataran Merdeka today since some of our classmates are totally in the cloud 9 when we were planning to go there but unfortunately I'm broke and got only less than rm50 to survive til today so I can't join anyone to go out for enjoying the air of freedom outside there. Plus, im going to KL this Saturday to watch orchestra with my maju girls, zaimah and tinsu. THATS THE MAIN REASON WHY I CANT HAHAHAH.

Last night, we had ambang merdeka celebration in dengkil. I felt like we were having a clubbing environment because of the lighting and sound effects (clubbing in a skema way). There were a lot of great performances from the dengkil artists that really made my night. Ive being totally amused from Tualang 1 performance. I think the attention centre was the chubby guy who was able to do split!!!! Hellooo guys, me myself cant even do that! (ive lost my flexibility) 

Again, Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysian! Appreciate the freedom that we had achieved from the hard-work and by our brilliant warriors before its too late. Appreciating freedom is not all about singing the merdeka songs and waving your flags, going to Dataran Merdeka whatsoever. It is all started within yourself. Appreciating the freedom actually is by using the right way to express your opinions and thoughts, respecting our leaders and have tolerance with one another. 

That's not impossible for us to become disunited if we keep on pointing our fingers to others. Correct yourself first and think before you act. We are living in society and society nowadays its kind of weird and that's why you need to think critically because not everyone has the same thought as you and we cant make everyone agree with our opinions on certain things.  

I wanted to include some pictures but the Internet is sooooooo slow. Bye! 

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