Friday, October 14, 2016


Assalamualaikum and Hi! Gosh, its already around two months since my last updated about Ambang Merdeka. Right now I'm still thinking about my post title. 

Semester 1 break just begun. I've finished my last paper on Monday which was on 10 October. I don't know why but I feel soooo lazy to everything after I've finished my exam. I feel like I'm taking such revenge because I worked hard since raya haji break hahaha. Controlling my lust for not fall over the kdramas, I even uninstalled Instagram and Twitter during study week because I know that was a real satan. Unfortunately, I opened Twitter trough browser but I still satisfied with myself. According to my calculation, I did study well and have a productive study week even though I've heard there were so many people woke up early in the morning and got a place in reading room and only leaved that room for eat and pray. That's so amazing! Me myself I cannot stand studying in a situation where there are a lot of people. I rather studying in my room which is more convenient but I have to ensure that I'm not going to find my bed whenever I feel sleepy. 

I have severe dark circles because I slept at 4 for two days. Told ya, kdrama is socking me badly. One thing that I got from watching Uncontrollably Fond is, 
sometimes, people tend to reject because they cannot afford it 
Another analogy that I can give is when you go to a bookstore for book shopping and suddenly there is one book that caught your heart because you already fall in love with it when you read from the first page or maybe to make it such a fast move, you fall for that book when you read the back cover. But yes, it is undeniable when good English book is expensive except during sales. Thus, you reject to buy it. It is not because you don't like it, or you not love it, it's all about yourself. You cannot afford it. But someday, when you have money you probably come to the book store and looking for that book again because you still in love with it. 

I think this analogy can be applicable in relationship (hahahaha why i talk about love lel) 

Someone told me that, a good man is not going to approach a woman until he thinks that he will afford to have that woman. You know that it is hard to make a living in this 21st Century, we need money we need property to create a comfortable living (Maqasid Syariah Daruriyyah)(HAHAHAHA IM PRETTY MAD BECAUSE THAT TOPIC WAS NOT CAME OUT DURING EXAM IN SUBJECTIVE PART). I'm not a materialistic but even kids know how hard life is when you don't have money.  A serious guy will work hard to make means for living. So we girls, do not fall in love easily especially during our foundation time. It just the beginning of our adult stage No, I'm not going to prohibit or critic anyone who is in a relationship but if your partner is not mature enough especially the clingy one, you better break up but if they are the one who always support you no matter how small you look at yourself at certain stages, you need people like them. We need a partner like that. Know that love is power. You will do everything for the one that you love. 

Phewww feel matured enough for having this post 

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