Monday, October 17, 2016

Personality Test

Hi and Assalamualaikum! 

This is my second week of semester break and it is not that productive. fyi, I've MUET Speaking Test tomorrow and I haven't start to study yet. Right now I'm busy reading the book that Qistina gave me which is "the year I met you". It such an incredible book though! I started to love this book when it described about silent people. Silent people generally hold a magic and knowledge that less contained people lack; that their not saying something means more important thoughts are going on inside their heads. Accurate! 

Just now I've made a personality test because I'm a little bit ambiguous about my personality HAHAHA but now I can decide between introvert and extrovert, I am an ambivert. Ambivert is for those who are mix between introvert and extovert. In other words, they have both sides. However, the personality test that I've made didn't show the results which type I am between those three. But, it stated that I have ESFJ personality. Weird isn't? Basically, having this ESFJ personality means that I am an observant, I care a lot about feelings and sensitive, I tend to judge people (true weh! hahaha) 

I just can't believe they said that people with this personality are the cheerleaders but yah it is true. I think it is because I am the only daughter in family and I have no siblings to rely on, I've spent much time with my friends that's why I do care a lot of my social life and I don't find it difficult to create a new friend and adapt to the new environment. When people said that the only child in the family is clingy and non-independent omg that's burning my heart. In my sight, the only child is the most independent people because they need to stand alone for the rest of their life but it depends on how their parents educate them too. 

Besides, based on this personality it shows that I am a well-organized person and enjoys having responsibilities. It a little bit funny but somehow living in university already give me sight that responsibilities could kill me. I am person who cannot stand with narrow-minded person but still able to handle it. I need to make sure that everything is going smoothly and I reallyyyyy hate conflicts and debate matters. Is it a concrete reason for me not to be a lawyer? I don't know but I rather have a public speaking than debating because I am type of person that hate arguments. 

Talking about lawyers..... I still confused what I wanted to be. is it a lawyer or a judge or maybe a journalist? It's okay by or by crook I need a law degree. 

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