Thursday, June 22, 2017

Where's the moral value

Hi! Just a few days left before all the Muslims going to celebrate Eid. There are so many things that happened around the world which make me kinda confused on what is exactly on my mind, what should I write about for exact.  

There is no single legal definition of bullying but I think bullying could be considered as a repetitive behavior which is intended to hurt someone either physically or mentally. Just like what I've learned in Psychology classes before, boys tend to use direct bullying which means involving physical while girls tend to bully mentally. 

Last two weeks, many people were shocked by the tragic death of Cadet Officer, Zulfarhan Osman, I bet everyone is already familiar with his name. He had been admitted to Hospital Serdang with bruises and burns on his body. In other words, he was physically abused to death. Based on his case, I think it's time for us to change our mindset regarding bullying issues. I don't want to talk about this issue further, but there's one thing that bothers me every time I'm scrolling my Twitter, this one guy made a thread regarding the murderers. What I can conclude here, hatred won't make anything better, brother. From the perspective of mine, he is actually worsening the fabric of the society. You know what I mean, we have the law the plays the role in getting the justice for the victim and his family, let the law settle it. You don't have to waste your time, creating hatred waves to elongate the issue. It is worthless. It's not that I don't mind what's actually happened, it just... come on, the murderers gonna get the sanction la bro.

The second thing that I want to talk about is about our education system. Last week if I'm not mistaken, I saw a tweet of TN50. 
"Perlukah sistem pendidikan Malaysia memberi fokus dalam memupuk nilai posiitf terhadap belia?"
And then, one guy replied with "is our education system haven't nurtured the moral values to the youths?"

Honestly, I think something is lacking in our education system which is moral values. How students going to apply those moral values and civic consciousness when both subjects required students to merely memorize all the definitions and terms? I just wanted to make a comparison with Japan, they don't have any examination in school until they're in 4th Grade, not very sure how old the students in 4th Grade but I think it's either 9 or 10 years old. 

During the first three grades, Japan's education system emphasis more on developing responsibility in youth, ensuring the students are capable of cleaning, caring, being polite and any other moral value; which is something that Malaysia's students are lacking. The objective of education is supposed to be on how to build good manners and developing charismatic personalities. Besides, in Japan, the students are also taught to respect to other people and be kind toward animals and nature. 

If Malaysia uses Japan as their first epitome in planning the education system, bullying, and other problematic students' issues could be settled down. The moral values are degrading from our society. Where's the humanity go when you decided to burn your friend? Where's the humanity til you're able to hit someone who looks "a bit feminine",? Where all the knowledge that you've absorbed that is supposed to change the structure of your brain, change the way of your thinking style and change your personality? That referring to the reply "is our education haven't nurtured the moral values to the youths?" 

A success education system is a system that is able to build the personality of a student to be a better person. A person who knows about respect and love, who knows the limit of his or her action, who knows the consequences of his or her action. 

Good night! x 

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Nurul Rasya said...

Not so sure about using Japan as the model system because Japan has a severe bullying problem. Especially among high school kids. There are reason why hikikimori or neet exist. (people who don't go to school and don't leave their house because of being bullied). Just looking at their suicide rates speak volume.

Nice article btw. Keep me thinking how could people be so cruel towards another human being.